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Better Workouts,
Faster Recovery

Improve Your Workout and Recovery

We are aware that the relationship between diet and training is direct, the result we are looking for depends on our nutrition.

As sports nutritionists explain, although professional athletes and amateur athletes have different nutritional needs, there is one thing they have in common: they must follow a consistent diet with their physical activity.

Carrying out a diet adapted to the physical characteristics and activity of the person, varied and balanced, will maximize the results produced by physical exercise, therefore physical performance will also be better.

Ideally, you should eat both before and after. Before, so you have the energy to perform the exercise. If it is a whole meal, let it be at least 1 hour before. You can also eat something light like fruit with nuts or dried fruits.

If you are looking for increased muscle mass, try to eat at the end without allowing 2 hours after training, since in that period your body takes better advantage of nutrients.


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