Harness the power of Oxygen!

Oxygenated magnesium with added enzymes and herbs: The perfect combination to cleanse the colon and beat constipation.   

Do you feel tired every day and have no energy to exercise?

Stop feeling the sharp pains of constipation start by cleaning a vital organ in your digestion: the colon. 

Healthy eating and lifestyle changes can certainly help reduce constipation, but many times it is not enough.   

Constipation can occur for several reasons, but the main reason is that stools pass through the colon very slowly due to the water demands required by the colon when food moves very slowly through the digestive tract.  

Has it happened to you?

End constipation the most complete, safe, natural and gentle way with Cleanse Infused.   


Zero genetically modified organisms, chemicals, artificial ingredients, wheat, preservatives, dairy products, soy or gluten

Made in the United States

under the strictest quality standards in a factory certified by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and inspected by the FDA.   

What do they say about us?

Cleanse your colon, painlessly!

Cleanse Infused Plus™ contains enzymes that address the main different types of waste.

  • Protease breaks down waste proteins.
  • Cellulase, a fiber-eating enzyme, breaks down residual plant material.
  • Chitinase helps deactivate fungi.
  • Beta-glucanase breaks up sugars that fungi and other harmful organisms use to protect themselves against your body’s natural defenses.
  • Xylanase and hemicellulase convert dietary sugars that can slow down digestion into smaller, more digestible molecules.

These enzymes speed the breakdown of the toxins, which neutralizes their harmful effects, protecting your body from further damage. Enzymes also make the herbs more effective.

Together, enzymes, herbs, and oxygenated magnesium combine to provide relief from constipation and help you attain excellent health.

Strengthens your health and prevents future complications 

Constipation by itself, although uncomfortable, is usually not fatal; however, it can trigger other problems that if not treated in time could turn the bloating and digestive pain into the least of the problems.  

Some damages that can arise as a consequence of constipation are colon cancer, symptomatic hemorrhoids, obstructions and other severe complications that could definitely impact your quality of life.  

Cleanse Infused, simply works, frees you from constipation, cleanses your digestive system and promotes healthy digestion, allowing the absorption of vitamins and minerals and preventing future complications.  

Say goodbye to constipation and uncomfortable bloating 

Cleanse Infused is made with only the best ingredients. Oxygenated magnesium has been shown to work as effectively, and in many cases better than, other brands that rely on aggressive, man-made chemicals such as ethylene glycol, an ingredient used in antifreeze. 

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Cleanse your colon and get a life without constipation

A gentle, safe and natural cleansing that empties your bowels and protects your health, without the unpleasant and potentially dangerous side effects! 

$56.85 $44.98

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