2019 Guide: How To Choose the Right Digestive Enzymes

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“ Do Digestive Enzymes Help Absorb Nutrients Better & Boost Gut Health? “


If you’re like most of us, you probably don’t pay much attention to digestion. That is until it becomes “in-digestion”! Then the bloating, gas, and cramping get your full attention, right?!

When we feel like this, we often blame the food we just ate. But what if it isn’t really the food…what if it’s your body sending you a warning that you are not breaking down all your food during digestion?

Research published in the British Medical Journal indicates that a lack of digestive enzymes is a problem that can lead to serious long-term health issues far worse than gas and bloating.

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In this article we will cover some must-knows about digestive enzymes, specifically:

1. What Are Digestive Enzymes? What Do Digestive Enzymes Do?

2. What Are The Health Benefits of Digestive Enzymes

3. Are digestive enzymes safe to take and are there any side-effects?

4. Who Needs To Supplement with Digestive Enzymes?

5. What should I look for when buying digestive enzymes?

6. What are the most essential enzymes that a great suppliment should contain?

What Are Digestive Enzymes? What Do Digestive Enzymes Do?

Digestive enzymes are substances produced by our bodies that make it possible for us to digest the food we eat. Our digestive enzymes are secreted at various points in our digestive tract, playing an integral role in the break down of food components such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats. This breakdown allows us to get nutrients from the food we eat and makes it possible for those nutrients to be absorbed into our blood stream, so they can feed and nourish every cell, system and process in our bodies.

What Are The Health Benfits of Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes ensure complete digestion. This enables your body to get the maximum amount of nutrients from your food, supporting your natural defenses against illness and disease, fueling your mind and keeping yourself energized and feeling good. Taking digestive enzymes speeds digestion and reduces the downtime needed to produce more.

Health Benefits of Digestive Enzymes:

1. Protects against stomach inflammation2. Supports immune response

3. Improves metabolism

4. Helps with weight loss

5. Supports cardiovascular health

6. Essential for liver health

7. Supplies nutrients needed to limit joint inflammation

8. Prevents Leaky Gut Syndrome

9. Promotes bone health

10. Improves blood sugar management

11. Keeps skin smooth, clear and beautiful

Are digestive enzymes safe to take and are there any side-effects?

They are safe as long as:

– Use only high-quality ingredients
– Supply the best enzymes needed for digestion-Are produced in FDA
– Approved facilities
– Have NO GMOs (are GMO-free)
– Only use 100% plant-based enzymes
– Are FREE of fillers, artificial ingredients, wheat, preservatives, dairy, soy and gluten

Side Effects

– Pregnancy and allergic – consult your doctor

Who Needs Digestive Enzymes Supplements?

Perhaps the simple answer is anyone over the age of 30. Realistically, you can take digestive enzymes to preserve your health or as part of an effort to restore it.

If you have:

Digestive conditions that produce acid reflux, gas, bloating, indigestion,

An age-related enzyme insufficiency

Low stomach acid

Medical conditions such as liver disease, diabetes, IBS etc..

Individuals who don’t want to suffer for occasional indulgences!

What should I look for when buying digestive enzymes?

As you can see, most of us could probably benefit from a digestive enzyme supplement. But digestive enzymes are confusing, and it’s difficult to get a clear answer about what types of enzymes we need, the ideal serving sizes, and which formulas are most effective. There are multiple layers of complexity to consider when purchasing a digestive enzyme.

We weren’t surprised when many of our Smarter Shoppers reported regretting their first digestive enzyme purchase. With that in mind, we filtered through the clutter to find the top mistakes first-time digestive enzyme buyers make.

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You May Be Buying The Wrong Digestive Enzyme If:

The label lists dangerous fillers, including:

– Magnesium stearate
– Maltodextrin
– Silicon dioxide
– Artificial colors and flavors

You prioritize low Price over quality

We found that many lower-priced digestive enzyme supplements don’t contain the potency necessary for real results. Some shoppers had to buy multiple supplements to get the ingredients they needed, which ultimately hurt their wallets more than helped.

You rely on amazon reviews.

Up to 60% of these reviews are written by individuals paid to leave positive feedback. Risking your health with reviews that are likely false is too dangerous a game to play when you’re choosing an ingestible supplement.

The Right Digestive Enzyme Supplement Has:

Plant-based enzymes. Unlike their animal-based counterparts, these enzymes target guts with both low and moderate acidity. They also help relieve stress on your small intestine, making them generally more effective than animal-based enzymes.

Probiotics. More specifically, Saccharomycess boulardii, a yeast that’s crucial for digestión. In the long term, it can help balance your gut.

Doctor-formulation. It takes expertise to forma an digestive enzyme. Look for real doctors specializing in gut health backing the supplement.

A good guarantee. Invest in a digestive enzyme that offers a 100% money-back guarantee that shows the Company’s faith in its product.

What are the most essential enzymes that a great suppliment should contain?

When it comes to the enzymes themselves, make sure to choose a formula that includes the most clinically proven choices. We scoured through studies to find the top enzymes for effective digestion.

Look For These Enzymes In a Full-Spectrum Blend:


Sourced from pineapples, this proteolytic enzyme helps you digest proteins found in meats, nuts cheese and grains. It’s also an effective muscle aid. Look for at least 100 gelatin-Dissolving Units (GDUs) per serving for best results.


Another crucial proteolytic enzyme for protein digestión, papain is sourced from papaya. The best blends contain both bromelain and at least 800,000 Pus of papain per serving.


This enzyme breaks down protein into its basic building blocks. Your body naturally produces proteases, but age and digestive problems can result in reduced production and poor protein digestion. Protease enzymes are a key component of any digestive enzyme.


This enzyme is a type of carbohydrase that breaks the starch, sugar and fiber found in grains, fruits and vegetables down into smaller molecules. Look for at least 5,000 DU of amylase per serving.


This carbohydrase is one of the most important enzymes and essential for digesting fruits and vegetables. Humans don’t produce it naturally. Instead, it is gotten through eating raw fruits and vegetables, fermented foods or taking supplements. Look for a blend with at least 2,000 CUs.


This enzyme breaks down fats like those in butter, cheese, olive oil, and fish oils into fatty acids and glycerol. These are essential to nourish and boost health. For the best results, find a supplement with at least 2,000 FIPs of lipase.

With these guidelines in mind, we are presenting you the most effective, safe and working digestive enzyme supplement available in the market today.

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