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3 Reasons

For fatigue and how to fix it naturally

Energy isn’t a pill, a drink, or a magic spell. Real, sustainable energy only occurs when our health, attitude, body, and mind are aligned. In short, a healthy life equals more energy.

Why do we get fatigued?

There are many reasons, but here are three of the most likely:

1. Enzyme deficiency. Everyone produces fewer enzymes as they age, particularly after the age of 30. These enzymes are responsible for powerful chemical reactions that produce energy.

2. Digestion. Surprisingly, most of our energy is used to digest food. Now, imagine your body using even more energy than it normally does to digest a big meal. Or imagine your body trying to digest food while it’s also coping with digestive upset, such as bloating, gas, and indigestion. An inefficient digestive system makes us feel tired.

3. Missing nutrients. Taking multivitamins sure can help, but you need more than vitamins to be healthy. You need minerals, omega3 fatty acids, and more. When your body is receiving the nutrients it needs, energy is the result.

Keep reading to learn more about energy zappers and real solutions you can implement …



1. More Enzymes Means More Energy!

Watch little kids at play. They run and run. When they do finally get tuckered out, they rest for a moment. Before you know it, they’re running again. Why do kids have so much energy? Their bodies are working efficiently, creating abundant enzymes to power all those unseen chemical reactions that produce energy. Their bodies aren’t burdened by years of injury and inflammation, junk food, and exposure to environmental pollution.

You need enzymes for every metabolic task. If you don’t have enough, your body will spend energy trying to produce more. You may not have obvious visible symptoms when you’re low on enzymes, but you will feel the difference. You’ll feel tired, weak, and fatigued.

Enzymes are called “Sparks of Life”

When you have enough of these ‘sparks,’ you feel great! You have more energy, stamina, and faster recovery times. You could call these sparks, miracle-workers. Or you could just call them enzymes.

Around the age of 30, you begin to produce 10% fewer enzymes every decade. A poor diet, lack of exercise, and other factors can increase how fast you lose them.

Your body doesn’t make fewer enzymes because it needs fewer. With age comes greater exposure to environmental toxins and toxic free radicals that damage your cells and DNA. It’s a natural part of the aging process in this world, but you still need enzymes for healthy digestion. Unfortunately, as you age, you need more enzymes than you make on top of requiring additional enzymes in your arsenal to fight the damage caused by free radicals and other environmental factors.

Enzymes help break down and remove the damaged molecules and cells that build-up with age. Without enough enzymes, your body starts to slow down. You tire faster and feel more fatigued.

In short, you start feeling old.

This is one reason people supplement with metabolic, also called systemic, enzymes.

They want to boost their energy!


Supercharged Systemic Enzymes with Key Minerals and Herb

2. Did you know a lot of your energy goes to digesting the food you eat?

Our digestive systems rely on enzymes to break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates into nutrients the human body can absorb. The process of nutrient absorption itself relies on enzymes from the mouth all the way the lower intestines.

Your pancreas is primarily responsible for producing digestive enzymes. Damage to the GI tract can not only reduce the number of enzymes, but it can reduce the speed with which enzymes can reach your food. This means undigested and partially digested food can remain in your body for too long, causing numerous side-effects. Aside from not being able to absorb available nutrients, poorly digested food can cause gas, bloating, constipation, and other painful symptoms.

More ways digestive enzymes help to increase your energy:

They break down proteins (very long chains of amino acids) into single amino acids, so your body can use them to create more enzymes as well as to repair and rebuild your muscles, tissues, and organs, which in turn increases energy!
They break down fats (mainly triglycerides) into single fatty acids so your body can store them or utilize them as an energy source.
They break down carbohydrates commonly called sugars (oligosaccharides or polysaccharides) into single sugars, termed monosaccharides, so your body can use them to create energy.
They also allow your immune system to rest. Instead of having to fight the constant flow of partially undigested food that finds its way into the bloodstream called “circulating immune complexes.” This also increases energy!
When enzymes are helping the body to work efficiently, issues like indigestion, gas, bloating, and discomfort are significantly reduced. You guessed it. This also increases your energy.

Did we mention enzymes increase energy levels?

Digest Infused

Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics Supercharged with Key Minerals and Herbs

Every cell in your body relies on the natural sugars, amino acids, fatty acids, and antioxidants in your food for energy.

And when your cells have energy, so do you!

3. Energy Requires Fuel.

92% of Americans have a vitamin deficiency.

For you, this fuel is made of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients you take into your body.

And what a better solution than Superfoods? They are a lot like multivitamins, only better. The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that superfoods supply are recognized – and more importantly, immediately used – by your body!

The greatest benefit of superfoods? They are built for efficiency. Their nutrients are easier to absorb and access with minimal effort and strain on the part of the human body. Superfoods are simply amazing.

With superfoods, you get more. More vitamins. More minerals. More antioxidants, amino acids, and some of the densest, health-promoting plant compounds on the planet. Plant compounds are well-known for their amazing mood-lifting, digestion-improving, detoxing, and anti-aging effects.

The best superfood is…

Blue-green algae. It supplies a robust source of essential B vitamins, choline, beta-carotene, and vitamin C. Blue-green algae provides essential and trace minerals like selenium, zinc, and iron. It’s also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and ALA (alpha-linolenic acid), which the body converts into DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), essential for the brain, heart, eyes and hormone balance.

And then there are the antioxidants. Antioxidants clear away toxins that would interrupt energy production.

Finally, natural foods like blue-green algae require less energy to be digested. That means natural foods leave more ENERGY for you.

Algae Infused

All-Natural, Organic and Preservative Free!

“Since I started using the Life Infused supplements I feel more energized now than before I became a mother to my 3 daughters (one which is 5 years old, another who is 3 and the youngest who is 6 months old). My digestion is much better and so is my mood!”

Daniela Verastegui,

Los Angeles, CA



Now you know, if you were looking to increase your energy levels, these powerful Life Infused products can help you by counteracting the aging process helping your digestive system to work more efficiently, and optimizing nutrient absorption.

Boost your health and vitality. Boost your energy. Get the most out of your Life!

Choose Life Infused enzymes.

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