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How protein helps with weigth loss

How Protein Helps with Weight Loss

Low-carb diets have gone mainstream. Celebrities including Halle Berry, and Mark Consuelos swear by them and research shows they work.[i],[ii] The success of these diets comes from their focus on lean proteins and healthy fats.

Here are 3 ways protein helps with weight loss.

Protein Reduces Your Appetite

Protein makes you feel fuller. Part of this is due to the fats found in high-protein foods.[i] Another key factor is the way protein affects your “hunger” hormones.

Your body regulates hunger with a hormone called ghrelin. When ghrelin levels increase, you feel hungry. After you eat, your body switches to producing hormones that reduce your appetite.

In one study, individuals who increased their protein intake to 30% of their diet reduced their daily calorie intake by 441 calories.[ii] That’s more than 20% of the average daily 2,000 calorie diet.

Researchers also report people who eat high protein breakfasts feel less hungry when compared to people who eat high carb breakfasts.[iii]

Less hunger means less snacking! Which certainly makes it easier to lose weight and manage it too.

Eating Protein Burns More Calories

It takes more calories to digest protein than it does to digest carbs. As a result, a high-protein diet provides fewer available calories than one based on carbs.

High protein diets have been shown to continue calorie burning for up to 2 ½ hours after meals.[iv] People on high protein diets have even been shown to burn more calories even when they’re asleep![v]

Protein Boosts Your Metabolism

When you reduce carbs, your body turns to fat for energy (glucose). The process of turning fat into energy burns more calories, a sign of increased metabolism.[vi]

The Best Protein is Lean Protein

Meat often comes to mind when talking about protein, but the reality is, there are many good, non-meat proteins. There are a lot of excellent plant-based proteins. Nuts, for example, are an excellent source of essential proteins and healthy fats. Avocados are also popular with many high-protein, low-carb dieters for their protein and fats.

Many dieters also turn to protein powders for weight loss like Protein Infused for a simple and easy way to boost their protein and ensure they get the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients they need to manage their weight.

The only protein powder with a complete profile of essential amino acids, two metabolism boosters to improve fat burning, digestive enzymes, powerful antioxidants, fatty acids, probiotics and prebiotics, and muscle recovery supplements for maximum health benefits.

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