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Digestive Enzymes: The Key to Healthy Digestion

You couldn’t digest a single bite of food without digestive enzymes. Stomach acids get a lot of attention, but their purpose is to activate digestive enzymes and support their activity.


NON-EXCLUSIVE WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT This Distribution Agreement (“Agreement”) is made this ____day of ______________, 2020 by and between Life Infused, LLC (“Life Infused”) and _________________________________ ____________________ , (“Wholesaler”) a _______________________________ Sole Proprietor / Corporation/LLC. Wholesaler has provided copies of its business licenses (if a Corporation or LLC) and affirms that it has the requisite legal authority to enter into this Agreement and conduct the business described herein. Wholesaler wishes to obtain a non-exclusive distribution agreement for the retail distribution, sales, brand development and marketing rights for various products sold by Life Infused (“Products”) to Wholesaler.  Wholesaler shall use its best efforts to market and sell the Products. Wholesaler shall sell Products only to (a) end consumers or (b) entities that sell only to end consumers (such entities hereinafter called “Retailers”). Wholesaler hereby agrees to comply with the then-current Life Infused’s Brand Management Policy, including the Minimum Advertised Price policy included therein, the now-current version attached hereto as Exhibit A. Wholesaler acknowledges that Life Infused may unilaterally modify its Brand Management Policy during the term of this Agreement.   Wholesaler acknowledges  that  it  is  not  permitted  to  sell  Products  to or on  third  party  […]

Best before and Manufacturing dates

Dear customers, Due to recent rules in compliance with the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations, we changed how we date our products. Before, the date on the bottom of the bottle product was the (Best By) date .   Now, our new production lots are going to have a manufacturing date. The manufacture date […]

Eliminate Your Sugar Cravings with Nutritional Supplements

Believe it or not, you can control your sugar cravings with a simple regimen of easy-to-find supplements. We’ve all been there: 3 PM, sitting at your desk, your energy levels slipping, thinking about those cookies you have stashed in your drawer.

How long does it take to heal a leaky gut?

A leaky gut wreaks havoc on your health. Once you think you have it, you start to wonder: how long does it take to heal a leaky gut? You might even wonder if you can.

Algae Supplements: The Next Superfood

Blue-green algae supplements continue to grow in popularity. Search online and you’ll find a host of options from a variety of different sources.

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