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What Should I Know?

Constipation is a reaction where the body is revealing deficiencies and over-abusing events. The major components that digestion relies on are enzymes, their work is to break down, absorb nutrients and Good Bacteria, which are critical since at least 60% of fecal matter is made of them. They are responsible for converting food into real nutrients for our cells, that said when we don’t have enough Enzymes and Good Bacteria constipation occurs. So why does the body run out these? Most likely because of the abusing of overall food, sugars, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, undernutrition after birth and other emotional factors like stress.

If your body is constipated it will simply complicate the whole digestive system, your energy and immune systems will decrease, bloating appears, acidity increases, and even mental focus seems to get dispersed. If this condition seems to be enduring for a long period it will result in storing more toxins and waste material than getting them out efficiently. That could develop serious factors for your health besides the more common conditions such as gain weight problems, skin disorders, chronic inflammation, food intolerance, pain, and so on. When you feel your colon has stored a significant number of residues, it’s time to find a solution, as a colon cleanse. You will find extraordinary benefits! Oxygenated magnesium can be a great choice because it gives you extra help to release all the toxins from the intestines without the use of abusive laxation but instead getting back the optimum PH range minimizing putrefying bacteria that has caused gas and bad odor, plus it will also get rid of extra weight from the sticky unnecessary and toxic material.

Oxygenated magnesium, like the one we use in Cleanse Infused, which releases atomic oxygen oxidizes the waste in your intestine, making it soft and able to go out. It works fast but gradually so that it does not interrupt your daily life, it is not a laxative, it is natural, which means it is safe and you can continue to use it every day to maintain a healthy and balanced intestine.



The colons of two hundred and eighty-five people were examined and encrusted with five to twenty pounds of backed-up fecal matter. Some colons examined were four to six times their normal size due to constipation! Yet only fifteen of those examined had indicated any difficulty at all with bowel movements before their death, and many had several bowel movements a day. According to the Director of R&D at the Dick Gregory Obesity Center in the Bahamas where clients weighed between 400-1100 pounds through colonic irrigations, they sometimes observed the evacuation of as much as 100 pounds of fecal matter, some with remnants of processed foods eaten twenty years previously. Dr. Kellogg at the Battle Creek Sanatorium, with over 5000 colons examined, not a single one was considered well-formed or healthy because every one of them was on the Western diet, meaning the consumption of predominately cooked foods without supplemental enzymes.

What Causes Constipation?

There are a lot of reasons constipation can occur. To limit your risk of it returning, it’s worth taking a moment to identify what caused it and what to do when constipated.

– Were you dehydrated?

– Do you have skin disorders?

– Did you maybe overdo the dairy and sugars?

– Were you born by C-Section?

-Were you Breastfeed for at least 6 months?

– Was it just a case of bad timing, in that you just couldn’t find the time when you first felt the urge?

Things like this happen.

Other reasons that could cause you to become constipated could include:

– Not enough fiber in the diet

– Stress

– Overdo pharmaceuticals drugs

– A lack of regular exercise

– Not enough enzymes and probiotics during Pregnancy

– Taking antacids

– Irritable bowels

– Having frequent late dinners

Identifying, if it’s possible, what caused it can go a long way to reducing its frequency. For example, if your diet consists of a lot of processed foods, you may not be getting enough dietary fiber. While constipation is going to happen from time to time, there are factors you can control.

What could happen if you don’t treat Constipation?

Well, a scientist has identified several high-reaching effects as a consequence of having your intestines blocked. People who suffer from this frequently have a higher risk of getting colorectal cancer. Mood disorders and anxiety have also been linked with frequent constipation, people with IBS have a higher possibility of developing metabolic syndrome, a condition related to weight gain, high sugar levels in the blood and cardiovascular diseases.

How to prevent it?

Your body needs enzymes for every biochemical process, from digestion to metabolism. This includes preparing waste and toxins for removal from the body. Within an adequate amount of enzymes and probiotics one important component to add and the most effective ones is using Oxygenated Magnesium, which liberates atomic oxygen. These oxygen atoms oxidize the waste in your intestine, making them soft and able to move out. Works fast but gradually, so it will not interrupt your daily life, it’s not a laxative, it’s natural which means it’s safe and you can keep using it every day to keep a healthy and balanced intestine.

Cleanse Infused contains specific enzymes and herbs which targets and breaks down toxins to remove from your body. Other herbs soothe the digestive tract to prevent an upset stomach and keep you on the go. Depending on every individual, the great majority will benefit adding extra enzymes and probiotics such as Digest and Flora Infused because the lack of them is so profound for years. In fact, it is very common to believe that having only one bowel movement per day is to be considered healthy and normal, well that will probably be fine if that person eats only one time per day since every single meal needs a bowel movement, so the math.

The complete powerful protocol in order to obtain profound safe detox, regain a healthy optimal function of the Intestinal Track that relieves constipation and provides total care is Digest Infused, a premium advance enzymes formula, herbs and oxygenated magnesium from Cleanse Infused plus Flora Infused a superior formula of pre and probiotics that sanitize the Gut.

“For a long time I’ve wanted to have a healthier lifestyle. I took literally everything to lose weight, but nothing worked until I discovered Life Infused, an ally that I know came into my life to stay. I started taking Cleanse Infused detox formula and saw results from the very first day. Being disciplined is a challenge every day, but with small changes each day my lifestyle is getting healthier. With Life Infused I discovered the importance of detoxifying the organism with a deep cleaning from the inside. I am impressed because I no longer feel anxiety or cravings as often as I did before. Also, I feel more energized and less tired. There are many benefits that the products offer you! I actually even feel happy after taking algae. They help you big time!”

Mariana Garza

Take Action to Encourage Good Digestive Health

Now that you know what to do when constipated, take action to encourage good digestive health.

Diet and exercise are two important ways to stay regular.

Getting plenty of dietary fiber and limiting flour, dairy and meat consumption can go a long way to preventing constipation from becoming a regular issue. That’s not to say you shouldn’t eat dairy or meat if you like to. Rather, make sure if you do you take steps to ensure the best possible digestion of everything you eat.

Adding probiotics to your diet is a necessarily good way to keep your gut healthy and clear. Of course, dietary probiotics can be a challenge as foods like sauerkraut, miso, tempeh and others may not be the most palate pleasing to everyone. Yogurt and kefir are dairy products that may not appeal to everyone, plus you need to make sure your yogurt has not been pasteurized, made without sugars and counts with a good blend of probiotic strains for the best effect. This is why many people turn to probiotic supplements. There are a lot of good ones out there, but talking about premium and great quality ingredients from Japan an inspired formula by Dr. Khem Shihani considerate a leader and respect authority of Microbiology in the world, it comes Flora Infused.

Another way to keep yourself regular is through gentle cleansing. For this, most people turn to oxygenated magnesium supplements like Cleanse Infused. The oxygen helps to break up waste buildup while magnesium helps to increase water in the intestines and encourage muscle movement. Regular cleansing helps to remove waste build-up in the colon, the ultimate cause of constipation but that’s not all, the skin will be grateful looking healthier, shiny and beautiful by time.

Now that you’re already aware of what to do when constipated, make small lifestyle changes and include the mentioned health tips into your daily routine.

Wondering how often you should cleanse? Check out this article where we discuss just that subject.

Kit Detox


Together these formulas will work wonders for your digestion. Digestive enzymes, magnesium peroxide, probiotics, and prebiotics supplied daily guarantee better digestion and nutrients absorption.


Flora Infused:

The complete probiotic system that combines 13 probiotic strains with prebiotics and essential enzymes, maintaining clean the gut, reducing sugar cravings enhancing healthy serotonin levels that also help to unlock enzymes for efficient digestion.

Cleanse Infused

Made with oxygenated magnesium, enzymes and essential herbs for a complete and superior colon cleansing. It helps re-establish bowel movement, reduce constipation and candida overgrowth while it also can help to clear the skin.

Digest Infused

Formulated with essential digestive enzymes to easily break down fats, protein and carbohydrates to use food properly as a fuel instead of storing excess wasting material as a toxin and fat.

Kit Detox

Is a complete digestive enzyme matrix for maximum digestion of proteins, carbs, and fats and Supercharged with Key Minerals and Herbs

How To Use

Digest Infused

To Start:

Take one (1) capsule with water before each meal. More may be taken as needed especially if eaten cooked and processed food.

Cleanse Infused

To clear-up constipation or for a first cleanse:

Initial: Take three (3) capsules with a full glass of water with food or on an empty stomach. If you do not achieve 3-5 bowel movements during the next day, increase the amount of capsules you take by an additional two (2) each night until you achieve 3-5 bowel movements the following day. Continue with this amount for 5 more days.

For Daily Maintenance

Maintenance: Take your (adjusted) serving size 2-3 times per week, or as desired. General: Drink plenty of water while using this product. Optional: Add the juice of half a lemon to the water for best results.

Flora Infused

Take one (1) capsule daily on an empty stomach for 3-5 days. (Take one hour before meals or two hours after.)

Increase to two (2) capsules daily on an empty stomach




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