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The 6 Best Cleansing Foods To Keep Your Bowel Clean


Article summary:

  • Discover the best colon cleansing foods.
  • Learn what foods help flush out your system.
  • Find out how to use food to detox your system.
  • Get top tips on other ways to care for your digestive health.

Colon problems like colorectal cancer are common. For example, one in 23 men and one in 25 women in the US will develop colorectal cancer at some point in their life. Occurrences of other bowel conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, and colitis continue to rise.

Thankfully, following a healthy diet helps protect against factors that lead to cancer and these other bowel conditions. The key is to include foods that keep your colon clean and healthy.

What are the best foods for your colon? Let’s find out.


Eating oatmeal is a safe way to cleanse your colon. Oats are one of the best cleansing foods because of their high fiber content. Whole-grain oats are way better than the refined variety.

Oats and oat bran increase stool weight and often ease constipation. Cook them up like porridge, add them to smoothies, stir them into soups, or use them as a crunchy topping for a vegetable bake.

Maybe you’ve used oatmeal soap to exfoliate your skin. Imagine the oats doing the same job to your intestines! Oatmeal’s fiber makes it the perfect thing for gently cleaning your digestive tract as it passes, promoting a healthy bowel.

Leafy greens

Following a diet rich in leafy greens keeps your bowel in optimal condition. That’s because plants such as spinach and kale contain high levels of polyphenols. These special plant compounds increase your good gut bacteria, strengthening your digestive tract. Spinach is one of the best vitamin A sources, which is linked to anti-inflammatory effects in the bowel.

It’s easy to add green leafy vegetables to your diet. Eat them raw in a salad, add them to stews, or chop them into your favorite pasta dishes. You can even start the morning off with a green smoothie made of a mixture of fruit and greens such as beet greens, spinach, collard greens, celery, and swiss chard.

Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage, turnips, and radishes are excellent for bowel health. Not only are they full of fiber. They also have anti-inflammatory effects and can deactivate carcinogens.

Eat them raw with hummus, toss them into a stir fry, or roast them in the oven. Almost everyone likes at least one cruciferous vegetable. If you find you don’t, try chopping some up into small pieces and hiding them in soups and stews for an undercover detox.


Apples are not only crunchy and delicious…they are high in antioxidants and cleansing properties too. Packed full of soluble fiber, they add bulk to your stools and may help relieve IBS in some individuals. Now, it is worth noting that for some people, apple peel may actually aggravate IBS. So, if you do suffer from irritable bowels, try peeling your apples before eating them.

Another excellent gut benefit of apples is their high level of pectin. Apple pectin may help balance your gut flora, suppress weight gain, and reduce inflammation. Blend them down into apple sauce, grate them into oatmeal, or eat them fresh and sliced.


Lemons should be part of any colon cleanse. Like oranges, lemons are full of pectin, which swells in your stomach, making you feel full for longer. While some experts believe lemon juice consumption can help you lose weight, more research is needed to confirm this. But we do know that lemon pectin can protect the liver and kidneys, organs that work closely alongside your bowel for optimal digestive health, and that are also crucial for the removal of toxins from your body.

Squeeze lemon juice into a cup of hot but not boiling water. Choose organic lemons if you want to put the whole wedge in your cup. And add fresh ginger for an extra immune system boost.

Green tea

If lemon water is not your thing, give green tea a try instead. The Chinese and Japanese have known about its detoxing effects for over 4000 years. Green tea may help balance blood sugar levels and help with weight loss. What’s more, increasing your fluid intake with any drink you like will help soften your stools and make them easier to pass.

But be careful. Green tea has caffeine. If you suffer from diarrhea or IBS, green tea can worsen your symptoms. Three to five cups per day is likely plenty for anyone, but you may find even fewer is better for you.


As a natural antibacterial and antiviral, garlic is an excellent food to add to your bowel cleansing diet. Garlic is known to reduce inflammation and improve nutrient absorption. It can also enhance digestion. But beware ecause of its digestion-boosting properties, garlic can also cause diarrhea. For anyone who suffers from loose stools already, garlic may be one to avoid.

Other ways to take care of your digestive health

While diet is important for your bowel health, it’s not the only thing to consider. Here are some other ways to take care of your digestive tract:

  • Consume plenty of water
  • Engage in regular physical exercise
  • Limit red meat and processed food consumption
  • Limit how much coffee and sugar you consume
  • Try a colon cleansing supplement such as Cleanse Infused Plus

The best cleansing foods are the ones you like

You’re more likely to eat the foods you like, so find good cleansing foods and add them to your diet! That way, they’re more likely to remain a part of your daily routine.

For optimal bowel health, increase the amounts of whole grains and fresh, fibrous fruits and vegetables you eat. At the same time, limit bowel-aggravating foods such as red meat, coffee, alcohol, refined sugars, and processed foods. And for a quick boost (or to get you through a holiday indulgence), use a supplement to balance your digestive health.

Some other tips to consider…stay hydrated and engage in regular exercise. By following these simple rules, you’ll keep your bowel in tip-top condition, keep your weight down, and will even have room for a treat or two. Remember, the best lifestyle changes are manageable ones.

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