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Are You Ready for Flu Season?

No one likes the body aches, sore throat, runny nose and fever of the flu. Yet, like it or not, flu season is here.

Last season, the CDC says more than 220,000 people tested positive for flu. That´s only tested cases! Many more people suffered from it, leading federal officials to tell the NY Times that  flu and flu-related complications killed up to 80,000 people last season.

You need to protect yourself. The problem is, the flu adapts so fast and vaccines often don't match the actual flu virus going around. Even if you got your shot, you still end up feeling awful.
Fortunately, you can boost your natural immune defenses and protect yourself.

Defeat the Flu Naturally

Nothing beats the flu like a strong immune response. A strong active immune system stops it, before you even know you're exposed. It isolates it. Then, it wipes it out, preventing it from spreading and making you sick.

Three factors contribute to a strong immune response:

1) Nutrition: Fuels your metabolism to produce new immune cells.

2) Probiotics: Aids nutrient digestion and prevents other germs from weakening your immune response.

3) Enzymes, specifically proteolytic, breaks down a virus' protective shell, improving the effect and strong immune response. LifeInfused's Immune Power Pack features only all-natural ingredients to strengthen your immune system and keep you healthy during flu season.

Life Infused's Immune Power Pack

Together, these formulas give you the edge to stop the flu fast by supercharging your ability to produce new immune cells and fuel their flu-fighting ability, protecting you against infection and speeding the break down of viruses with enzymes.


Spirulin, AFA and cracked-cell Chlorella supply essential protein, vitamins and minerals for enhanced nutrition, to fuel metabolism and to support a powerful immune response.

MetabolicWith 13 of the most essential probiotic strains like B. Bifidum, it supports a healthy digestive tract, improves nutrient absorption and protects your gut – where 80% of your immune response occurs! – from germs.


Featuring a propietary blend of proteolytic enzymes, it provides your immune system with the enzymes it needs to kill flu viruses fast.


Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Life Infused guarantees only the highest quality products and your 100% satisfaction with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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