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Cleanse Infused PLUS -

Keeps You Feeling Good as You Cleanse

A common side effect of cleansing, or finally clearing a bout of constipation, is feeling ill.

This happens when toxins in your fecal matter release into your bloodstream. These toxins shock your system, triggering an immune response. Now, this is much better than the waste remaining in your colon, slowly seeping toxins into the rest of your body. But even so, feeling sick is no fun. The premium blend of herbs and enzymes in Cleanse Infused Plus™ helps prevent this.


Experience Better Focus for Clearer Thinking and Memory

PEA isn’t the only incredible compound in blue-green algae. Phycocyanin is another with incredible benefits for thinking, memory and overall nervous system health. Studies show it provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which protect brain cells against injury linked to stroke, dementia and other nervous system disorders (4). But phycocyanin is unique. It only occurs in the blue-green algae, making it a special brain booster. And with a clear mind and a strong memory, you’ll find you

Dugest infused -

Give Yourself An Energy Boost.

People who eat the healthiest diets still lost energy as they age. It’s a complex process, but it’s undeniable that at age 30 it starts takes longer to produce all the enzymes you really need. Taking digestive enzyme supplements reduces the downtime needed for digestion. Plus, you get more nutrients. These nutrients support your natural defenses against illness and disease, fuel your mind and keep yourself feeling good! Nutrients from food also supply the energy you need. Digestive enzymes make more of these nutrients available! At this point you might be wondering, where do probiotics, vitamins and minerals fit in? Well, they are important. It’s why it’s essential to eat a nutritious diet. But thing is, enzymes are the only things that do any real work in your body.


What you Need to Get the Maximum Power from Your Probiotic

Probiotics produce enzymes. They aid digestion. But they don’t replace your own digestive enzymes.

Many doctors recommend probiotics for people who suffer from indigestion. For those who can’t produce enough digestive enzymes, however, doctors don’t recommend probiotics. They recommend digestive enzymes. Both are needed for the best health. But your digestive enzymes do the majority of the work. A good example of this is children. Kids don’t usually get bloated or too gassy when they eat. They eat and go play. Their bodies produce abundant enzymes which keeps their probiotic levels healthy and stable. Age and diet change this. At 30, you start to produce less digestive enzymes every year. By 50 you produce nearly 25% less than you did as a child! It’s no wonder indigestion plagues us as we get older! Fewer digestive enzymes means greater chances of harmful undi gested food in the gut. The modern diet with its processed foods also kills off friendly bacteria. High sugar foods promote bad bacteria. They also tax your ability to produce enough digestive enzymes. The result is fatigue. Your pancreas goes into overdrive to produce more enzymes. This steals energy, making you tired. For the maximum effect and boundless energy, you need what you had when you were young – plentiful enzymes and an abundance of probiotic bacteria.


What Makes Enzymes So Important?

Enzymes are the only nutrient in the body that does anything. Vitamins and minerals are important too, but scientists have a special name for them. They’re called “co-factors”.

What is the main factor?

Enzymes. Without enzymes, the reactions that ‘essential’ vitamins and minerals contribute to would never happen. Well, the reaction “could” happen. It just might take 70,000 years!

Enzymes spark these reactions in a split-second! It’s why enzymes are called the ‘Sparks of Life’. They make life possible. If vitamins and minerals are essential for life, then enzymes are life!


Protein Infused Features Enzymes That Support Protein Digestion

Protein is only good for your health if you can digest it. There’s no nutritional, muscle building or weight loss benefit if you can’t. All it does is sit in your gut and cause stomach discomfort.

Enzymes, specifically protein enzymes, address this problem. They break down the protein into peptides and amino acids which the body can easily absorb. In Protein Infused we included a proprietary blend of enzymes called Astrazyme™. This blend is clinically proven to:

  • Achieve 95% digestion of protein
  • Boosts amino acid absorption by 60%
  • Increases peptide absorption by 41%

And better protein digestion means a happier stomach. It also means better absorption of the protein nutrients, the reason you’re taking it in the first place! The nutritional benefits are only the beginning.

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