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Supercharged Systemic Enzymes
High Potency Formula with Minerals

  • Supports immune system
  • Improves energy levels
  • Supports respiratory health


Metabolic Infused

A full spectrum, premium blend of systemic enzymes combined for maximum potency to promote whole-body healing and repair while rejuvenating at the cellular level.

Improve digestion and nutrient absorption

Promotes healthy inflammatory responde

Ease gas, bloating and indigestion

Helps loosen excess mucus

Minimizes the impact of allergies

Boost your energy

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All You Need are these ‘SPARKS OF LIFE’

Soothe Sore, Achy Joints, Boost Your Metabolism and Experience Whole-Body Renewal

Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals get a lot of attention. The thing is, they’re useless. At least, they are without the ‘Sparks of Life.

When you have enough of these “Sparks,” you feel great! You have more energy. You have more stamina and recover more quickly.

And though you won’t see it, they keep your heart strong, your mind clear and even support young-looking skin. They cleanse your blood of toxins and waste, ease achy joints and protect you from illness and disease.

You could call them miracle-workers. Or you could just call them enzymes.

Don’t let your Spark grow dim

Around the age of 30, you begin to produce fewer enzymes, about 10% less every decade. A poor diet, lack of exercise and other factors can increase how fast you lose them.

But making less doesn’t mean you need less. In fact, the older you are, the more you need. With age comes greater exposure to environmental toxins and toxic free radicals that damage your cells and DNA.

Enzymes help break down and remove the damaged molecules and cells that build-up with age.

Without enough enzymes, your body starts to slow down. You tire faster and feel more fatigued.

You might gain weight. Sickness and illness can become more common. Joints swell as aches and pains become frequent discomforts.

In short, you start feeling old.

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Elizabeth Orozco
Metabolic Infused

These systemic enzymes are wonderful, full of super beneficial healthy benefits, helps with inflamatory and bloating discomfort, boosts my energy and purifies the blood as well as promotes healthy heart function! All in all is super amazing! Thank you Life Infused.

Estas enzimas sistemicas son geniales, llenas de beneficios saludables, ayudan con inflamación y hinchazón, niveles de energía y purifica la sangre, también promueve la función del corazón.


In two weeks I feel the difference!

En dos semanas puedo sentir la diferencia.

Karla Guerrero-Vera
Quality products

I just got back my labs and my health in general has improved. I take them first thing in the morning, so far, my stomach doesn't hurt, and feeling energized.

Productos de calidad
Acabo de recibir mis análisis y mi salud ha mejorado. Los tomo a primera hora en la mañana, hasta ahora, mi estomago no duele y me siento con mas energía.

Mary Binaggia



Esther Maya
Maravilla de Enzimas.

Tiene 2 meses que añadí este suplemento a mi rutina de salud. El saber que estoy tomando enzimas sistémicas que están ayudando a eliminar toxinas a muchos niveles en mi cuerpo me da tranquilidad que estoy haciendo lo mejor!! Gracias Alida por tus consejos a mis 60 años me siento mejor que nunca!!!

Wonder of enzymes.
It's been 2 months since I added this supplement to my routine. Knowing that I am taking systemic enzymes that help me eliminate toxins on many levels, makes me feel I'm doing what's best!!

Metabolic InfusedTM

What Makes Enzymes So Important?

Enzymes are the only nutrient in the body that does anything. Vitamins and minerals are important too, but scientists have a special name for them. They’re called “co-factors”.

What is the main factor? Enzymes.

Without enzymes, the reactions that ‘essential’ vitamins and minerals contribute to would never happen. Well, the reaction “could” happen. It just might take 70,000 years!

Enzymes spark these reactions in a split-second! It’s why enzymes are called the ‘Sparks of Life’. They make life possible. If vitamins and minerals are essential for life, then enzymes are life!

More Enzymes Means More Energy!

Watch little kids at play. They run and run. Then, they tire and rest a moment. Before you know it, they’re running again. That goes for kids who refuse to eat their veggies too!

Why do kids have so much energy? Their bodies are working at high efficiency, creating abundant enzymes to power all those unseen chemical reactions that produce energy.

Their bodies aren’t burdened by years of injury and inflammation, junk food, and exposure to environmental pollution and toxins.

What do these have to do with enzymes?

Enzymes fuel healing and immune response. Your body uses them to digest food. They’re needed for antioxidants to neutralize toxins.

You need enzymes for every aspect of metabolism. If you don’t have enough, your body will spend energy to produce more. You can’t know when you’re low on enzymes. But you will feel it. You’ll feel tired, weak – fatigued.

This is one reason people take metabolic, also called systemic, enzymes. They want to boost their energy!

Spark Your Life with Metabolic Enzymes

Your metabolism involves millions of processes every second. Each one requires a lot of chemical reactions. All of them need enzymes.

Metabolic enzymes help create energy. They support the immune system. Others help keep your blood, joints and cells clear of waste and toxins.

Now, you’ve probably heard of digestive enzymes. They help break down food and absorb nutrients. They’re essential, yet they are less than 1% of all the enzymes in your body.

Digestive enzymes can help improve the amount of nutrients you absorb. They’ll ease discomfort like gas, bloating, and indigestion. But they won’t spark the whole-body renewal metabolic enzymes can.

How Metabolic Enzymes Make You Feel Like New!

Your metabolism involves thousands of processes. Each one involves many reactions. All of them need enzymes.

As you produce fewer enzymes with age, your body gets overwhelmed. Not can – will!

Waste in the form of excess proteins, toxins, and free radicals builds up. This leads to inflammation. Then the immune system gets activated. This produces more waste proteins, toxins and free radicals.

Lack of exercise and a poor diet only speed up the waste build-up.

Before you know it, your body’s working around-the-clock to produce enzymes. For energy. To break down waste. All you feel is tired and fatigued.

Now, your body knows exactly what enzymes and how many it needs for energy, to balance hormones, support the immune system, and promote renewal at the cellular level. The challenge is producing enough to the job.

However, taking key metabolic enzymes relieves the strain. They can help to cleanse the blood and remove waste. They reduce the total number of enzymes you need to make, and the energy needed to make them.

You can never see the benefits of metabolic enzymes supplements. But you do feel it. You have more energy and greater endurance. You’ll find yourself recovering from exercise, hard work and illness faster.

This has far-reaching benefits…

Natural Heart Support

When you get a cut, your immune system goes into action. It floods the area of the wound with fibrin, the substance that forms scabs, to stop the bleeding. The same thing happens inside you when toxins or waste don’t get cleared.

Waste material in the blood triggers an immune system response. This creates fibrin. In limited amounts, like in children, it gets cleared away. Excess fibrin gets broken down too.

Introducing more waste into the system leads to more fibrin. A poor diet does this with the toxins and free radicals produced by digesting food that doesn’t have nutrients and antioxidants to neutralize their metabolism.

As fibrin builds-up:

Metabolic enzymes protect against this downward spiral. They help the body cleanse the blood of excess fibrin and waste. Research shows a type of metabolic enzyme, proteolytic enzymes, protects the heart and blood vessels from damage and encourage healing.(1)

This takes stress of the heart. It removes the causes of vascular damage. It improves blood flow.

Eases the Pain of Sore, Achy Joints

In the joints, excess fibrin can become a lingering problem. Blood vessels are small, and fibrin restricts access to the nutrients needed to clear it away.

Widespread inflammation throughout the body, exercise or repetitive movements can all cause fibrin to accumulate in the joints. This causes swelling, achiness and pain.

Many people turn to OTC pain-relievers for occasional aches and soreness, or steroids for chronic pain. Yet, for relief from swelling and joint pain, metabolic enzymes relieve pain as well as common pain relievers – and without the side effects! (2)

Speeds Recovery from Injury

Physical labor, exercise and injury create inflammation in muscles as they recover. BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine reports individuals who take metabolic enzymes recovered faster from swelling caused by exercise! (3)

Many people who have taken metabolic enzymes immediately following an injury report their swelling was gone in hours!

Fights Illness More Efficiently

Fibrin isn’t the only waste roaming the blood. The body uses metabolic enzymes to breakdown viruses, bacteria and fungus that would make you sick. Research shows they breakdown abnormal, tumor cells.(4) They also clear the blood of immune cells that have done their job.

The removal of these pathogens and waste enable the immune system to relax. This improves the body’s ability to respond to illness and reduces the heightened immune state associated with allergies.

Enjoy Young, Vibrant Skin

Scar tissue is made of fibrin, the big target for metabolic enzymes. Your skin also relies on blood flow for moisture and nutrients to stay firm and healthy. By promoting blood flow, you’ll also support skin health.

How Metabolic Enzymes Make You Feel Like New!

From before you’re even born, metabolic enzymes are busy cleansing your blood. Your body uses them fight inflammation. They protect your heart, improve your immune response and soothe joint pain.

They are so important, we created a special and unique formula called Metabolic Infused™.

Metabolic Infused™ meets a need your body cannot meet on its own as you get older. Especially in a world of tempting “junk” foods and excessive environmental pollution which can quickly overwhelm your ability to produce all the enzymes you need.

Metabolic Infused™ is an advanced enzyme blend. It features essential proteolytic enzymes which break down excess proteins coursing through your bloodstream. It also features:

Bromelain – a powerful cleansing enzyme with incredible anti-inflammatory properties from pineapple.
Serratiopeptidase –– a special enzyme discovered in silkworms and known to dissolve fibrin with a long history of medical use to reduce inflammation. (6)
Papain – the enzyme in papaya known and used to breakdown the toughest protein fibers
Seaprose – a rare enzyme known for its ability to break down protein its ability to help the body clear away mucus buildup, especially useful in clearing the lungs and airways of inflammation and blockages. (7).
Nattokinase –  an enzyme found in fermented soy which aids in the break down of fibrin. It has also been shown to breakdown a type of fibrin linked to memory loss. (5)
Catalase  –an enzyme that protects cells from oxidative damage.

Together, these enzymes break down fibrin, proteins, bacteria, viruses, fungus and other waste that finds its way into your blood. They also breakdown inflammatory molecules and ease swelling. They provide a full internal cleanse that supports your heart and liver while ensuring your cells get the nutrients they need to stay young.

We know you won’t see any of that. But it’s not about what you see…it’s about what you feel. And you will feel more energy, less achy joints and enjoy a sharper memory.

Non-Enzyme Ingredients Added for Maximum Effect

To enhance the potency and power of Metabolic Infused™ vitamins for metabolism, we added two more powerful nutrients.

This anti-inflammatory plant compound helps break-up blood clots, making it a valuable blood-cleanser.

Our Own Special Mineral Blend
Enzymes use minerals to power their amazing speed, so we’ve included our own proprietary blend of 72 minerals. These minerals enhance enzyme effectiveness and act like microscopic sponges that bind to toxins and waste to speed their removal and protect you from further injury!

Get Back the Spark You’ve Been Missing!

How do you know if your low on metabolic enzymes? Well, if you are –

Then you may well be low on enzymes.

Systemic enzymes may offer a simple and effective way to cleanse your blood of the excess protein, toxins, waste and other junk that’s slowing you down.

And the research shows the enzymes featured in Metabolic Infused™:

Right now, your body is performing thousands and thousands of metabolic processes. Why wait to give it the extra support it needs?

You Have Our
100% Money-Back Guarantee

Expect Only the Highest Quality Plant-Based Systemic Enzyme

When you take Metabolic Infused™, you get:

We guarantee you will like the results Metabolic Infused™ delivers. If not, simply return the bottle with any unused product within 30 days for a full refund.

A Safe, Proven Systemic Enzyme Supplement

Metabolic Infused™ comes from only the highest-grade sources. Systemic enzymes offer a safe alternative to many drugs without side effects.

Of course, anyone taking medications should always consult with their doctor prior to beginning a new supplement. Systemic enzymes would be contraindicated for Individuals taking blood thinners and pregnant women.

Spark Your Life with Metabolic Enzymes

We value you and your time. That’s why we’ve put a flip top on our bottles. No need to unscrew a top and screw back on. Flip, grab and take. It’s easy.

Plus, to ensure quality, Metabolic Infused™ comes in glass bottles. This provided the best protection and keeps the product fresh.

Even more recently, it’s been observed that probiotics support memory. A study of 60 elderly men with advanced memory loss found those who took a probiotic showed significant improvement.

Even better, you only need to take one capsule to get the maximum dose. This means every bottle provides at least a one-month supply, giving you the best value for your hard-earned dollar.

Why wait another minute? Get the ‘Spark’ back in your life!

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How To Use

Take Metabolic Infused™ vitamins for metabolism with a phased approach:

Introductory Phase

Maintenance Phase

For best results, take your first dose first thing in the morning, at least ½ hour before breakfast. For the second dose, take 4-8 hours later and at least ½ hour before a meal or 2 ½ hours after a meal.

Use Notes:
May be taken at the same time as Flora Infused, but always on an empty stomach

Frequently asked questions

Systemic enzymes play a vital role in metabolism by keeping the bloodstream clear of waste products that would block blood flow and delivery of nutrients and other essential molecules. In this way, systemic enzymes support metabolism at the cellular level and promote heart health.

What are systemic enzymes? How do they encourage a healthy metabolism? We answer these questions and more right here.

Systemic enzymes support metabolism and overall health by breaking down toxins, fibrin, allergens, blood clots, and other waste products in the blood.

The human body relies on enzymes to fuel all metabolic reactions, including waste removal. After the age of 30, the human body produces 10% fewer enzymes every decade. Fewer metabolic enzymes mean more waste build-up and blockages in the blood which decreases nutrient delivery to cells and puts strain on the heart.

Systemic enzymes promote a healthy metabolism in two ways:


1) They clear away waste from the bloodstream that allows for efficient delivery of nutrients and other essential biochemicals where and when they’re needed.


2) The presence of systemic enzymes reduces the body’s need to produce more which saves energy and enables the body to focus on healing and maintaining balance.

Systemic enzymes, like all enzymes, speed reactions with the specific compounds they are designed to break down. For example, serratiopeptidase supports fibrin break down; papain breaks down tough proteins; catalase breaks down hydrogen peroxide protecting cells from oxidative damage.

The human body produces fibrin to promote blood clotting in response to injury, even at the cellular level. Fibrin is also produced in response to toxin exposure and stress. It is an insoluble fiber that requires an enzymatic reaction to breakdown. If it’s not broken down, it accumulates and forms webs that block blood flow depriving cells of oxygen, essential nutrients, and other vital biochemicals.

As metabolic enzymes remove excess fibrin and inflammatory molecules, they keep the blood clear for the delivery of important nutrients needed for recovery. This helps the body limit swelling and encourages faster healing.

Scar tissue is composed of fibrin and collagen. Systemic enzymes may help limit the formation of scar tissue or help repair old scars, however, results vary from one individual to another.

The arteries, veins, and capillaries carry nutrients, but also waste. Systemic enzymes help to break down waste into component parts making it easier for the liver and kidneys to remove them from the bloodstream. The more systemic enzymes one has, such as one has in youth, the fewer toxins one has circulating improving metabolism, heart health, brain function, and even digestion.

By breaking down excess waste, toxins, viruses, fibrin, and inflammatory molecules, systemic enzymes reduce the presence of extra material that could cause injury and cause an immune response. As a result, the immune system works more efficiently and requires less energy.

Since systemic enzymes keep the blood clear of blockages, the heart gets a special benefit as it doesn’t need to pump harder to push blood flow through. However, as every organ relies on consistent blood flow to deliver nutrients and carry waste away, all organs benefit from the increased oxygen and nutrient flow.

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