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What is the Best Candida Cleanse?


If you’re planning to do a Candida cleanse of your digestive tract, you should know that Candida is a tough yeast to get rid of.

You can, but it won’t go easily. Doing a complete cleanse requires a little planning. You should also be aware that if you’re not careful, the process may make you feel worse than you do today.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t do a Candida cleanse – you should. This is true especially if you suspect you’ve got a Candida overgrowth. For the best results, a Candida cleanse of the digestive tract will do three things:

  • Eliminates the Candida overgrowth;
  • Limits the symptoms of a “Candida die-off”; and,
  • Restores the probiotic balance throughout your digestive tract.

While many articles and ads recommend probiotics to do the job, the best Candida cleanse requires more than simply a probiotic to do all three. A big reason for this involves Candida’s strong biofilm, the outer layer that protects it from your immune system and slows probiotics’ progress in cleansing Candida. This biofilm can reduce the results of your cleansing effort.

Another reason is that if you have a significant Candida overgrowth, the die-off will release toxic chemicals into your blood that will make you feel sick. Extreme fatigue, severe headaches, nausea or even itchy skin are some of the symptoms.

That’s why the best Candida cleanse doesn’t simply involve taking a pill or eating yogurt daily. It’s a process. Fortunately, it’s a simple process.

Here’s how to do a complete Candida cleanse to speed the elimination of Candida, protect yourself from the symptoms of “Candida die-off” and restore balance to your digestive tract so you can prevent future risks of Candida overgrowth.

Step 1. Address the Candida Overgrowth

Once Candida gets to the “overgrowth” stage, it can be really hard to dislodge due to its biofilm. The Candida biofilm is a complex structure featuring proteins and polysaccharides, each which works in its own way to protect it.

For example, one part of the biofilm is the sugar beta-glucans.[i],[ii] This sugar “turns-off” immune cells when they arrive to deal with Candida. The biofilm also includes a variety of proteins.

Probiotics can work to fight Candida as they produce enzymes that break down these different layers. Immune cells also use enzymes to break down fungi like Candida, although these immune cells only work once the beta-glucans of the biofilm has been addressed.

For a complete and thorough cleanse of Candida, you’ll want to:

  • Do a full colon cleanse. A build-up of waste in the colon can create an environment that’s good for Candida, but not for the beneficial bacteria. Candida may feed on the waste or simply benefit from the way it limits the effectiveness of probiotic bacteria in the gut.
  • Eliminate added sugars. Candida feeds on sugar. Eating foods high in sugar, especially added sugars will only help the Candida survive the cleanse. It’s also a good idea to avoid alcohol during a Candida cleanse to reduce your consumption of sugar and to reduce exposure to natural toxins in alcohol. (More on that in a moment…)
  • Take a probiotic. Beneficial probiotic bacteria naturally help to keep Candida under control in your digestive tract. They will also help to restore the balance as the Candida gets cleared out.

You might also consider taking a digestive enzyme. A good digestive enzyme will provide enzymes that break down sugars and proteins which are part of the biofilm, helping both the probiotics and your immune system as they work to reduce the Candida.

Step 2. Protect Yourself from the Candida “Die-off”

When Candida dies, it releases toxic substances. One is acetaldehyde; the other is gliotoxin.

  • Acetaldehyde is the same toxic by-product created by the liver as you break down alcohol, and the one responsible for making you drunk. It deprives your body of oxygen and has been linked to cancer.[iii]
  • Gliotoxin is a poison released by fungi as they die. It kills liver and immune cells.[iv],[v]

While it’s not likely the Candida die-off would produce enough of either of these toxins to have substantial long-term side effects, they can make you feel sick. And in a way, you are. This is good as it means your cleanse is working, but who really wants to experience awful headaches, sore joints, and extreme fatigue?

Fortunately, you can protect yourself. To do this, you’ll need a good liver detox supplement. Bentonite clay is recommended by many professionals as it binds to toxins and escorts them safely from the body. We include bentonite clay (and other detox herbs), for example, in Cleanse Infused as it protects the body from toxins released during a colon cleanse or a bout of constipation.

For maximum protection, you might want to look at a product that detoxes and nourishes at the same time. Blue-green algae like spirulina and cracked-cell wall chlorella found in Algae Infused are also well known for their detoxing properties and for providing the enhanced nutrition that your immune system and liver needs during a Candida cleanse.

Step 3. Restore Probiotic Balance in Your Digestive Tract

This step may seem like the easiest. Take a probiotic and you’re done, right? It’s true, taking a probiotic is part of this step, but it’s not enough.

To ensure the best Candida cleanse, you need to support those new probiotic bacteria you’re returning to your gut. At a minimum, you need to ensure you’re getting enough prebiotics, the fiber that feeds and sustains those probiotic bacteria.

Even this really isn’t enough. That’s what makes this the hardest step of the Candida cleanse. Taking probiotics and prebiotics is good. But if you want to restore – and keep – balance, you need to eliminate any lifestyle factors that disrupt that balance such as[vi]:

  • Eating a diet high in processed and refined sugars
  • Drinking a lot of alcohol frequently
  • Chronic high stress

If these continue as you try to cleanse, you’ll be fighting yourself the entire time. Return to these behaviors after the cleanse and you’ll be setting yourself up for another bout of Candida overgrowth.

For this step to succeed, you need to:

  • Take a probiotic and prebiotic
  • Make necessary lifestyle changes

When you do both of these, you’ll restore a lasting balance in your digestive tract. The best part? You’ll feel awesome, find it easier to manage your weight and won’t miss the sugar, alcohol or stress.


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[iv] Wright, M. C., et al. Gliotoxin stimulates the apoptosis of human and rat hepatic stellate cells and enhances the resolution of liver fibrosis in rats. Gastroenterology, 2001; 121(3), 685-698.

[v] Sutton, P., et al. In vivo immunosuppressive activity of gliotoxin, a metabolite produced by human pathogenic fungi. Infection and Immunity, 1994; 62(4), 1192-1198.



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