Where We Started

We began with a passion and commitment for natural products that support a high-quality of life, empower health and wellness, and promote longevity. In our practices and in our families, we had seen first-hand how raw natural foods supported the human body’s innate healing processes. We knew we had to share that which had done so much for us.

Our path hasn’t been exactly straight. In truth, where we are today is not where we had originally planned to be. But that’s ok, we couldn’t be happier.

Where We Are Now

Today, our products include a blend of high-quality, organic enzymes, probiotics, algae and other all-natural ingredients that make up the Life Infused line of health supplements. All products are designed for preventative and proactive nutrition for health-conscious people around the world.

We are committed to delivering premium, plant-based supplements that are gluten-free, non-GMO, and don’t contain dairy or soy-based ingredients. Like you, we care about what goes into our body, and we know the value of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Looking ahead, we will continue to develop the next generation of enzymes and enzyme-infused, plant-based supplements. Ultimately, our vision is to help people of all ages, physical conditions and lifestyles change their health – and lives – for the better through Life Infused’s line of organic, all-natural health supplements.

Why Choose Life Infused

Life Infused products are high-powered supplements designed to provide superior nutrition to health-conscious individuals.

Our enzyme-infused, plant-based supplements contain Astrazyme™, a powerful combination of proteolytic enzymes and trace minerals that support the biochemical reactions of enzymes; and AstraGin™, extracts from Astragalus Membranaceus and Panax Notoginseng which activate and enhance the full catalytic power of enzymes.

Our Algae, Probiotics, And Enzyme-Infused Supplements Are:

  • Plant-based/vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, non-dairy and non-soy
  • Made without artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Produced in FDA-audited, GMP, NSF, NSF Sports, Organic and Kosher facilities
  • Contained in BPA-free bottles that are hermetically sealed with tamper-proof heat seal barriers

In addition, all Life Infused ingredients and supplements are free of additives and fillers. They also contain exclusive GRAS minerals that are proven to enhance the performance of our enzymes. This allows us to offer the most potent enzyme concentration and proper mineral ratio to support optimal bio-activity, which ensures a greater performance than other similar products.


What We Value

Life Infused operates on a value-driven philosophy, from the way we source our ingredients to how we run our business. Our values provide a solid foundation for the way we live and the way we make our products.

Passion:  We are passionate about sharing the powerful health benefits enzymes have on restoring and maintaining optimal health.
Integrity:  We operate our business ethically and only use FDA-audited, GMP, NSF, Organic and Kosher facilities to make Life Infused products
Excellence: We ensure the superiority of our ingredients and products through a rigorous quality control and assurance system.
Expertise: We work with leading nutritional experts to improve our formulas and ensure Life Infused products deliver the greatest health benefits.
Happy family
Impact: We are committed to giving back to our communities and our planet, and we hope that we inspire others to do the same.
Education: We actively share our knowledge and experiences on the health benefits of enzymes and plant-based nutrition to help others live healthier, fuller lives.
Innovation: We do continuous research to ensure Life Infused products are on the leading edge of all-natural, organic health supplements.
Dependability: We take great care in how we source our ingredients to ensure our products never contain any synthetic or harmful components.
Quality: We carefully source ingredients to ensure that all Life Infused products offer the best nutrition available.
Assurance: We make sure our ingredients are minimally processed to guarantee the highest quality and potency.

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