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Ana Acosta

Tampa, Florida

Life infused Customer

Thanks to Flora Infused™, Algae Infused™ and Digest Infused™, my metabolism and digestion are even better today in my pregnancy than before.


Bella J.

New York, NY

Life Infused Customer

I am in my late 70’s. During the last 40 years, I have become an extremely successful photographer; on assignments, I might shoot as many as 3000 photos. With this repetitive motion and stress on my wrist with the weight of the camera, I developed ongoing pain on my right hand and wrist. After many alternative therapies, I ended by receiving cortisone injections. It made me functional, however, it still bothered me. When I was introduced to systemic enzymes – gradually building up to 9 twice daily – it brought total relief, even though I continued to work. After 5 months, I cut down to 3 twice a day with success.


Daniela Verastegui

Los Angeles, CA

Life Infused Distributor

Since I started using the Life Infused supplements (Clean Infused™, Flora Infused™, Metabolic Infused™, Algae Infused™ and Digest Infused™;) I feel more energized now than before I became a mother to my 3 daughters (one which is 5 years old, another who is 3 and the youngest who is 6 months old). My digestion is much better and so is my mood!


Marcy K.

New York, NY

Life Infused Customer

I can hardly believe it!! One pill, totally natural can have such a dramatic effect on my life. I take one with my meals and the symptoms I’ve had in the past… bloating, gas and indigestion are things of the past !! My girlfriend tells me my breath is suddenly pleasant, and I no longer use breath fresheners during intimate moments. When I have difficulty falling asleep… one capsule with warm water takes care of the problem within minutes. I noticed also that my skin started clearing up although I still have a long way to go.


Mary J.

Arkansas, USA

Life Infused Customer

I had a history of digestive disorders as well as fatigue several hours after each meal. With the introduction of digestive enzymes and probiotics, all these conditions improved within a week. It feels like a miracle since I had been suffering from these problems for many years.

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Life Infused Supplements

Infuse your life with the joy, peace and balance that you get from great health and a high quality of living. Life Infused supplements support optimal health through clinically proven formulations of 100% plant-based, non-GMO ingredients. Every product meets the highest standards and is produced in a certified-GMP (good manufacturing practices) facility to ensure the highest quality – so you can achieve the best possible health!

Experience incredible positive changes in everyday living. Empower your body through improved digestion and nutrition by enhancing it naturally. Enjoy life the way you know you should.

Infuse your life today. Live with joy tomorrow.

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Life Infused supplements have been manufactured in the United States with premium U.S. and imported ingredients, exceeding the industry’s most strict quality standards, in a facility certified by the following organizations:
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