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5G: ‘The Internet Of Things’


Peer reviewed research has documented numerous adverse biological effects from wireless radiation. This includes single and double-stranded DNA breaks, reproductive dysfunction, immune dysfunction, altered brain development, sleep and memory disturbances, and increased brain tumors – along with many other 5G health effects.

5G - Fifth Generation Wireless

The term 5G refers to the fifth generation of mobile technology.  With promises of faster browsing, streaming, download speeds and better connectivity. 5G wireless technology is slowly making its way across the globe.  Many government agencies and organizations advise that there is no reason to be alarmed about 5G health effects.  However, numerous independent, peer reviewed studies strongly conflict with those claims.  

In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission has auctioned off the first bandwidth of 28 gigahertz (GHz).  This will form the 5G network with higher bandwidth auctions already taking place.

5G sites are already in place in many areas and many countries including the U.S. have plans for commercial 5G adoption in the upcoming 2020.  It is also expected that each EU member state will be required to offer 5G coverage in at least one city by 2020 and all urban areas must have coverage by 2025.

What is 5G Technology?

Illustration provided by Qualcomm showing how 5G’s millimeter wave will compare to current wireless frequencies. Most 5G frequencies will operate at the lower end of the frequency spectrum.

As wireless generations continue to evolve from one generation to the next, each operates on a unique frequency band.  Older networks do not have the bandwidth to move the amounts of data that 5G will require.

To accommodate the necessary bandwidth required for 5G, cellular networks must operate on the higher end of the RF-EMF spectrum.  Thus, new base stations, or small cells, will appear around the globe.

The reason behind this is that high-frequency radio waves have a shorter range than lower-frequency waves. Small cells that will allow data to travel relatively short distances will form a key part of the 5G network, particularly in areas of dense network usage.

Current network generations operate up to 3 gigahertz (GHz).  Whereas, 5G operates between three different bandwidths.  Low-band and mid-band 5G operates at up to 6GHz.  5G high-band frequencies will operate at 24 GHz and even higher.

This is a massive generational leap that will dwarf anything we’ve seen in the past and will greatly contribute to 5G health effects.

The plan is to integrate this low-latency technology into all future electronic devices reaching a staggering 75 billion devices by the end of 2025 and that number will continue to grow at an unprecedented rate.  This is what they refer to as the “Internet of Things.”

Of course, the said goal is to create a globally, all connected, “smart network” for greater convenience, control, and efficiency to improve living conditions and aspects of everyday life.

Capabilities of 5G

The future is here but what exactly does that look like?

Some key applications like self-driving cars require very aggressive latency (fast response time) and 5G seems to be the calling card for that possibility.

Below are some of the proposed capabilities of 5G.

    • Communication between all global devices.
    • Low latency live streaming options from any location.
    • Video game and video streaming will improve dramatically with downloads of full 4K movies in mere seconds.
    • Monitoring and tracking of every amenity and smart device in and around your home.
    • Large sets of Data transfers can be done  quicker and more efficiently.
    • Healthcare practitioners may hold appointments through video chat and prescribe medicine without being in the same room, office or pharmacy.
    • (Artificial Intelligence) AI will be enhanced with a highly improved level of customized service for service providers. 
    • Improving urban planning and development strategies utilizing traffic systems.
    • Coaxial wire or fiber optics will no longer be a necessary component for cable companies to provide cable service to our homes and offices.

It all sounds great. But is it really?

The 5G movement talks a big talk but talking only goes so far.  Many industry experts argue that 5G technology and IoT (Internet of Things) has been largely blown out of proportion and won’t stand up to the hype.  Industry analysts claim that most 5G capabilities are currently possible with 4G technology.

At a recent industry conference, Eric Xu, current Huawei Chairman, claimed that consumers will “find no material difference between 5G and LTE.”

The millimeter wave portion of the 5G spectrum also has it’s limitations as far as low travel distance and weak ability to penetrate buildings.  Both Verizon and T-Mobile admit to the fact that the millimeter wave 5G most likely will not be available outside of urban metropolitan areas.

T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray wrote “It will never materially scale beyond small pockets of 5G hotspots in dense urban environments,”  Outside these urban areas will have “sub-6GHz” 5G frequencies at best or whatever the existing spectrum will allow.

Of course, as to be expected, in order to benefit from these new 5G networks you will have to buy brand new mobile devices that support 5G networks.  And with any new technology, you can expect higher prices as the complexity for hardware installations greatly increases.

Generations at a Glance

1G Networks – 1980’s

Brought mobility to analogue voice services.

2G – 2.5G Networks – 1990’s

2G brought digital cellular voice services and basic data services (SMS, GPRS) – as well as roaming services across networks.
2.5G brought a slight improvement to data services with Edge.

3G – 3.5G Networks – 2000’s

3G brought a better mobile internet experience but with limited success to unleash massive data services adoption.
3.5G brought a true ubiquitous mobile internet experience, unleashing the success of mobile apps eco-systems.

4G – 4.5G Networks – 2010’s

4G brought all-IP services (Voice and Data), a fast broadband internet experience, with unified networks architectures and protocols.
4.5G (LTE advanced) doubled data speeds from 4G.

5G networks – 2020’s

5G expands broadband wireless services beyond mobile internet to IoT and critical communications segments.

The 5G Impact

Running on a much higher frequency than previous generations (essentially double), 5G technology begins at 24GHz with the millimeter wave (MMW) being the goal frequency.

With waves ranging from 1 to 10 millimeters long, they are limited from about 10 meters up to 2 kilometers which poses a very serious concern.  5G cell towers will require much shorter distances of about every 750 ft apposed to the miles of distances they are currently.

As of 2016, there were 300,000 network towers in the U.S. and by 2020 with the rollout of 5G there will be millions of network towers.  This in turn will require a 10-fold increase of low-orbit 5G satellites which will supplement the ground cells focusing their own beams of microwave-frequency signals.  This all adds up and 5G health effects will be significant.

It may be hard to find valid research on the effects of 5G but it doesn’t mean it’s not there.  There are many government and independent studies that have done the research and their findings show significant evidence that low-frequency radiation pertaining to 4G and older generations’ emissions – can cause biological damage to the human body.  Effects associated with these emissions range from cell mutations and cancer to body system interference. 

With the introduction of 5G, we will now be hit with much higher frequencies than we’ve ever experienced before.

The military has used 5G’s millimeter wave for non-lethal crowd control tactics.

This is a tactic in which the military uses 5G’s millimeter waves to penetrate the target’s skin inducing extreme burning sensations under their skin causing them to run away from the beam source. 

Of course, this is a very targeted extreme condition but studies show with waves over 60 GHz penetrating the skin by 90% may lead to skin disease, inflammation, and cancer.

So, to say there are no legitimate health concerns related to EMF exposure emitted by mobile devices simply isn’t realistic.  This is no doubt 5G health effects.

The 5G Impact

As 5G wireless technology is slowly making its way across the globe, many government agencies and organizations advise that there is no reason to be alarmed about the effects of radiofrequency waves on our health.  By what standards do they base their evidence on?

Cell phone safety standards haven’t been updated since 1996 and safety standards for digital signals really have not been established at all.  The existing safety standards are based on analog signals which utilizes a constant wave and does not apply to todays generations.  Digital signals pulse and a far more disruptive.

The current safety standards follow an outdated SAR (Specific Absorption Rating) which is based on thermal absorption effects on the skin of a 200 lb male.  

The heating of cells is only one form of damage that EMF radiation can cause, not to mention that a 200 lb male is shown to absorb much less radiation than a younger child.  We’re still not sure of the extent of damage that may be accumulating in small children.

There are many scientific studies that provide evidence of the dangers of RF/ELF radiation exposure and yet telecom companies insist current standards are good enough.  Insurance companies will cover homes in areas that are known for recurring natural disasters and yet they won’t offer coverage for EMF damage.

Telecom companies are well aware of the health risks and acknowledge those risks in the fine print of their terms and conditions suggesting that cell phones be kept away from the head and body.

What You Can Do to Keep Yourself Safe

EMF radiation emitted from mobile and electronic devices are all around us and most people are completely unaware of the risk.

It’s very common for people to carry their phones in their pockets or sleep with them next to their beds at night.  They work with their laptops on their laps.  They are connected to wifi almost everywhere they go, connected 24/7.

It’s easy to think, “I’m not sick so I must be healthy,” but EMF exposure is a hidden danger that we all must take seriously.  The concerns are valid and the risks are substantial.

Several studies have already been substantiated by valid evidence of the biological effects EMF has on the human body, DNA, and cell communication.

In the scheme of things, we have only begun to scratch the surface of possible 5G health effects resulting from prolonged EMF.

5G Safeguards

Aulterra produces a variety of EMF Neutralizing products that change how EMF’s effect DNA and cells within our body.

Reproducible tests show that Aulterra EMF Neutralizing products retune the EMF frequencies of cell phones and other electronic devices into coherent energy. Once the frequencies are converted, they no longer do harm to your DNA. The secret of Aulterra EMF Neutralizing products lies in the proprietary paramagnetic minerals found in all of our products.

There are many products out there that claim they block or absorb EMF radiation.  However, there are several problems with this theory.

Aulterra™ EMF neutralizing products neither block radiation nor absorb it. Any cellphone or other wifi electronic device that is blocked by 100% of the EMFs would not function properly and in essence be rendered useless.

Shielding EMF’s only redirects EMF flow and does nothing to correct the harmful effects of EMF at the source.  Likewise, EMF absorbers become saturated and over time, fail to function.

Aulterra™ EMF neutralizing products work by neither blocking nor absorbing cell phone radiation. Instead, they change the manmade incoherent frequencies into coherent harmless frequencies—the way nature intended.

Needless to say, you should also take precautionary measures to minimize EMF radiation exposure as much as possible.

Sharing is caring

The mission of Aulterra™ is to help create a more Bio-Safe world for everyone!  We hope you will join us in our mission.  Word of mouth is powerful and together, we can help safeguard our friends and family from the potentially harmful effects of EMF radiation.  

As we know, EMF emissions will not go away.  It’s not something we can just get rid of, and the introduction of 5G only raises more concern.  However, with Aulterra™ EMF Neutralizing Products, we can at least neutralize the effects they have on our bodies and help keep ourselves safe from the harmful effects of EMF radiation exposure.


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