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Superfood Plant-Based Protein Powder with Probiotics, Prebiotics, Greens, Berries, and Enzymes!

  • 14 Servings of Premium Plant-based Protein
  • Special Formula Supports Weight Loss Goals
  • Aids in Muscle Recovery

IMPORTANT NOTE: These pouches of Protein Infused were manufactured in May of 2022.  The recommended “Best if Used By/Before” date is May 31, 2024; therefore, these sales are final (no returns or exchanges).

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Protein Infused TM

Muscle Recovery Supplements

The only protein powder with a complete profile of essential amino acids, two metabolism boosters to improve fat burning, digestive enzymes, powerful antioxidants, fatty acids, probiotics and prebiotics, and muscle recovery supplements for maximum health benefits.

Plant-based proteins to meet every dietary need

Boosts metabolism

Supports and balances immune response

Improves muscle recovery time

Helps support healthy blood sugar

Improves the look of skin, hair and nails

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The Easiest Way to Get the Protein You Need and Lose the Weight You Want

Specially made by a pastry chef for a great taste and formulated for easy digestion, you’ll feel better, build and tone muscle faster, and have more energy!

There are a lot of reasons to take a protein powder daily.Maybe you simply need to add protein to your diet. Or maybe you want to build muscle faster. Perhaps you want to lose weight.

High-quality protein meets all these needs and more, like:

A Protein Powder with a Great Taste that Digests Easily

Protein powders have a reputation for having a blah taste. They often also upset the stomach. The health benefits are worth it, but really, why suffer if you don’t need to?

At least, that was our thought when we created Protein Infused.

So, to make it taste great, a pastry chef was called in. The result – a palate-pleasing vanilla-flavored protein powder that’s smooth and has a great taste!

Now to make it digest easily, we knew we had to address the big reason protein powders cause stomach discomfort.

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Alma R Martin
Best protein

I love that is plant base and it’s helping me to feel and look better, my skin and hair are lookin better and I’m gaining muscle for the first time, I definitely keep buying it and you should to

Mejor proteína.
Me encanta que sea a base de plantas y me está ayudando a sentirme y verme mejor, mi piel y cabello se ven mejor y estoy ganando músculo por primera vez, definitivamente sigo comprándolo y deberías hacerlo también tu.

Arely Chavez
Es muy buena!

De verdad es increíble esta proteína! Aparte es deliciosa a mi me ayuda con mi hipotiroidismo súper recomendado! Tomo todos los productos de life infused y me ayudan bastante con mi hipotiroidismo!

It's very good!
This protein is really amazing! Besides, it is delicious, it helps me with my hypothyroidism, super recommended! I take all the life infused products and they help me a lot with my hypothyroidism!

Dulce Guerrero

Sin duda la mejor proteína con un delicioso sabor a vainilla! No te inflama y te mantiene satisfecho por mucho tiempo. 100% recomendada

Without a doubt the best protein with a delicious vanilla flavor! It does not inflame you and keeps you satisfied for a long time. 100% recommended

Ernestina Marquez

Hasta hoy es la mejor proteína, cansada de probar diferentes marcas y ninguna me caia bien , hasta que probe esta , me a tonificado muchisimo y no me hace daño como las otras marcas.

Up to today, it is the best protein, I was tired of trying different brands and none of them agreed with me until I tried this one, it has built me up and does not disagrees with me like the rest.

Sara Vázquez
Mejor proteína para toda la familia

Esta proteína ha sido la única que no me ha inflamado , las más limpia que he encontrado en el mercado , y la de mejor absorción!!

The best protein for all the family,
This protein has been the only one that has not given me a bloating problem, it is the best out there in regards to absorption and it is the cleanest!

Protein Digestion Is a Problem for Many People

The big problem for a protein powder is the protein itself. It may sound odd, but consuming a lot of protein at once can really tax diges-tion. And poor or inefficient protein digestion can lead to an upset stomach.

On top of that, digesting protein is a challenge for many people. It demands a lot of digestive enzymes which start to decrease after the age of 30. A diet high in processed foods, sugars and fats also depletes digestive enzymes.

And no matter how good the protein is, if digestion is a problem, an upset stomach follows.

Protein Infused addresses this exact problem. Better yet, by ensuring complete digestion, you get more of the health benefits too!
Here’s how we did it…

aste great, a pastry chef was called in. The result – a palate-pleasing vanilla-flavored protein powder that’s smooth and has a great taste!

Now to make it digest easily, we knew we had to address the big reason protein powders cause stomach discomfort.

Of course, protein powders often have two big drawbacks. We overcame them both.

Protein Infused TM

Protein Infused Features Enzymes That Support Protein Digestion

Protein is only good for your health if you can digest it. There’s no nutritional, muscle building or weight loss benefit if you can’t. All it does is sit in your gut and cause stomach discomfort.

Enzymes, specifically protein enzymes, address this problem. They break down the protein into peptides and amino acids which the body can easily absorb.

In Protein Infused we included a proprietary blend of enzymes called Astrazyme™. This blend is clinically proven to:

And better protein digestion means a happier stomach. It also means better absorption of the protein nutrients, the reason you’re taking it in the first place!

The nutritional benefits are only the beginning.

Lose weight and keep it off with protein infused

That’s right, get enough protein and you’ll slim down and look great! You see, the more protein you eat, the more calories you burn. Research shows protein is the best way to lose weight and improve muscle tone. High quality protein (1),(2)

And Protein Infused features proteins only from organic plant-based sources that deliver a complete source of essential amino acids. Evey serving includes:

In fact, a single-serving of hemp alone provides all 9 essential amino acids! Combined with pea, pumpkin and brown rice, Protein Infused meets every dietary and training need.

And for maximum benefit, we added two powerful metabolism boosters to support weight loss and weight management goals.

Metabolism Booster #1: Lipase

Protein supports fat burning, the breakdown of fat into energy.(3) But just like enzymes are required to digest protein, enzymes are needed to break down fat. That’s why we’ve added lipase to Protein Infused!

Lipase is the enzyme the body uses to break down fat. With every serving you get 2,500 FIP (a standard measure of enzymes) of lipase to support the break down and metabolism of fat.

This helps with weight loss, keeping you slim. Plus, adding protein with exercise and a healthy lifestyle you get toned and time in no time!

But it’s not all about looks. By keeping fat burning high, you also keep your metabolism going strong, which is why we added the second metabolism booster.

Metabolism Booster #2: Innoslim®

Innoslim® is a pharm-grade, plant-based weight loss ingredient. It’s an extraction from notoginseng and astragalus. Together, the active compounds in these herbs:

Being stimulant free, Innoslim® provides a safe and effective way to promote healthy blood sugar, burn fat and lose weight on a long-term basis.

Supercharge your Metabolism with Protein Infused

Your metabolism thrives on protein. The hormones that keep your metabolism running high are made of protein. The enzymes that support digestion and drive metabolism are made of protein.

You need protein. You need it for energy, to digest food, to remove waste and toxins from the blood, and to keep your cell young and immune system strong.

And a great metabolism means stronger muscles, healthier joints and better looking skin, hair and nails too!


Get the Protein You Need, Lose Weight and Feel Great with Protein Infused

With Protein Infused you get high-quality, plant-based proteins enhanced with two metabolic boosters. The addition of enzymes improves digestion, easing digestive discomfort common with many protein powders, especially those featuring diary.

You Get More With Protein Infused

For the best possible nutrient profile, Protein Infused also provides:

We Also Added Probiotics to Support Digestion and Improve Nutrient Absorption

A healthy digestive tract is essential for good digestion and nutrient absorption. Probiotic bacteria play an essential role in keeping your digestive tract healthy, so we’ve added a proprietary probiotic and prebiotic blend to help you get the maximum possible benefit from every serving of Protein Infused™.

Every serving provides up to 4 billion CFUs of probiotics. The added prebiotics support the probiotic bacteria for a healthy gut and better protein digestion!.

Get the Protein You Need with a Taste You’ll Love

With Protein Infused you get:

Plus, a great taste in a protein powder you’ll also find easy to digest!

Simply the Best Value and Taste in a Protein Powder

Protein Infused delivers premium nutrition to promote weight loss, healthy digestion and overall great health. When you take it regularly, you’ll get more from your workouts, feel stronger and look incredible!

Plus, Protein Infused tastes great. You won’t just enjoy the health benefits, you’ll enjoy taking it daily too!

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Frequently asked questions

Protein is essential for human life. Every cell in the body is made of protein building blocks called amino acids. These are needed to support the immune system, build and maintain muscle, regulate metabolism and hormones, lose weight and keep your skin and hair healthy and looking good and so much more.

Whether you need muscle recovery supplements or want added protein in your diet to enhance your workouts, Protein Infused has what you need. Here are some commonly asked questions. If you have a question you don’t see here, please contact us. We’re happy to answer any of your questions.

If you are a vegan, a protein powder like Protein Infused supplies a complete profile of essential amino acids to maintain heath. For any one looking to build muscle mass, tone muscles or lose weight, a protein powder can help by supplying essential proteins and nutrients without the added calories.

Protein burns more calories during digestion, meaning eating protein is a lower caloric load than carbs. Protein also provides important amino acids needed to regulate metabolism. Plus, protein reduces appetite, so you’ll feel fuller. Protein Infused also includes Innoslim® a clinically proven metabolism booster and lipase, the enzyme the body needs to support fat burning.

Innoslim® is a pharma-grade extraction of astragalus and notoginseng proven safe for long-term use for weight loss, blood sugar management, and fat burning. It supports calorie burning and increases adinopectin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar.

Lipase is the main enzyme that breaks down fatty acids during digestion. It is essential for the digestion and absorption of fatty acids and supports the body’s fat burning metabolism.

We’ve worked hard (in fact a pastry chef was brought in to help!) to create a great-tasting vanilla protein powder. We think you’ll find it’s the best tasting protein powder on the market. If you give it a try and don’t like it, contact us. You’re covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Take at least one scoop once a day with water or a liquid of your choice. It does have a vanilla flavor, so it tastes great on its own but may be worth consideration if you’re going to mix it with juice.

If you’re taking it after a workout, wait about 30 minutes before taking it. This will give your body time to cool down and get those digestive juices flowing again.

When it comes to nutrition, it’s not about how much you take, it’s about how much you get. Enzymes help digest and absorb protein, so you get more of what you paid for. By aiding digestion, the enzymes also eliminate the common issue of gut ache that happens with consumption of protein powders. We added lipase to support fat burning and metabolism.

Probiotics support healthy digestion, the key to healthy living. How well a person digests their food, especially proteins, has a significant impact on their health. Poor digestion reduces the nutrients available to the body. It also can leave undigested food to rot in the intestines or trigger autoimmune responses in the body. Probiotics aid digestion and nutrient absorption and help to restore gut health for improved digestion.

Our plant-based protein blend of hemp, pea, pumpkin and brown rice supplies all the essential amino acids you need, without the possible allergens common in dairy.

Take it once a day as part of your vegan diet or to lose weight. Use it after workouts if you’re using it to build muscle or get toned. Exercise often to make the most use of the its protein and fat burning ability.

Protein Infused is a product of the U.S.A and is made in an FDA-inspected facility, following the strictest standards.

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3.- Soenen S, et al Normal protein intake is required for body weight loss and weight maintenance, and elevated protein intake for additional preservation of resting energy expenditure and fat free mass.. J Nutr. 2013 May;143(5):591-6. doi: 10.3945/jn.112.167593. Epub 2013 Feb 27.


4.- Lihn AS1, et al Adiponectin: action, regulation and association to insulin sensitivity. Obes Rev. 2005 Feb;6(1):13-21.

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