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Join our community of happy customers that has changed their life style

Laura Garcia de León

Hello, I am Laura Garcia de León, I am 45 years old, and for 17 years I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, this disease affects the entire digestive tract so abdominal pain, inflammation, gas, reflux, heartburn, constipation have been part of my day by day, almost 4 years ago I heard about Life Infused, and I said let’s try it, so I started with Digest and Flora when I noticed that my body did not reject them and that little by little the discomforts diminished encouraged me to try Cleanse, which It helped me a lot, so as soon as Protein went on sale I tried it and since then it has been my breakfast every day !!!!!

My suggestion is to eat a good diet, exercise, meditate and definitely add these products to your life!

Thank You Life Infused

Arisbel Calva Plata

Hello, I am 46 years old, and despite having little use of Life infused products, I am convinced that they are the best investment.

My intestinal flora has improved remarkably and the inflammation in my abdomen has disappeared, feeling good at any age is wonderful life-changing tea.

Arianna Medina

Life infused is wonderful! It helped me to have more energy, to fully regulate my intestine, because I always struggled to go to the bathroom, I have already ordered it several times and 3 days ago I ordered it again!

I have recommended it to my relatives and they have also liked it a lot, it is a product of true quality and with many benefits !!!

Carolina Jimenez

3 years ago I had the worst gastroenteritis of all, this triggered a series of imbalances in my health, I lost 7 kilos and had not been able to recover them; since I met Dr. Alida and the Life Infused products my body began to assimilate the nutrients, my hair stopped falling out, my skin began to firm up, I feel more energy, I can fall asleep quickly, the ringing in my ear disappeared and also the headaches.

Thank God for putting Alida in my path, her knowledge is very accurate and Life Infused products are of the best quality I have ever encountered. I am very happy for the incomparable Progreso that my health has had.

Liliana Penaloza

I want to give you my testimony because the truth is that your products are wonderful, I started looking for probiotics because I had been consuming many pain pills (I constantly suffered from migraine pains) but since I started using life infused my head stopped hurting and I even felt less hungry and with a lot of energy, the truth is that I began to see many positive changes since I started consuming their products

Grateful to Life infused and Alida

Alejandro Barrera

As soon as I started taking Cleanse Infused, I started to notice big changes and my digestion improved. I felt lighter, I felt the effect of removing toxins. I have more energy, it is definitely cleaning my body, as a suggestion, take it the right way and with plenty of water while you are cleaning


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Dany Cortes


In these three months since I started taking them I was able to gain two kilos of muscle mass and I also had more energy during the day. All this I attribute to the power of all the capsules together that helped me to better assimilate the nutrients from food.

Isbeth Bevilacqua

Life Infused Customer

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