Beat the Flu Bundle

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Flu season is here. Give your immune system the power to protect you and stay flu free.

 Our Beat the Flu Bundle helps to boost immune system response to kill viruses faster!

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Beat the Flu by Life Infused

Stay Healthy with Our Bundle

Algae Infused: Nutrient dense superfoods with special immune-boosting properties.

Flora Infused: Protects the gut where 80% of immune response occurs.

Metabolic Infused: Provides enzymes that help break down viruses and harmful bacteria.

  • Non- GMO
  • Plant-based 100%
  • 100% Preservative-free
  • Scientifically-formulated
  • Made in an FDA-Certified facility
  • GMP Certified
  • Boost Immune System

Key Benefits

Give your body the nutrients, probiotics and enzymes it needs to stay flu-free.

  • Helps to boost immune system response to kill viruses faster
  • Increases nutrition needed for active immune cells
  • Breaks down the flu virus’ protective shell
  • Speeds recovery reducing risk of long illness or complications

The only complete probiotic system that combines 13 high-potency probiotic strains with essential enzymes to improve digestion and boost immune system function.

Increase nutrient absorption

Enhance Immune Health

Boost Energy Levels

Ease gas, bloating and indigestion

Help Create and unlock Enzymes for a healthy metabolic system

Supports colon health and bowe regularity

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A full spectrum, premium blend of systemic enzymes combined for maximum potency to promote whole-body healing and repair while rejuvenating at the cellular level.

Improve digestion and nutrient absorption

Promotes healthy inflammatory responde

Ease gas, bloating and indigestion

Helps loosen excess mucus


Minimizes the impact of allergies

Boost your energy

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Three powerful superfoods combine in a single nutrient dense combination enhanced by enzymes and probiotics to promote exceptional nutrition and a whole-body detox.

Rich source of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals

Potent detoxifying properties

Balances and boosts immune system response

Improves digestion

Improves digestion and absorption

Renews at the cellular level

Helps improve memory and concentration

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How to Use

Immune Power Pack to Beat the Flu This Season

For the best results:

  • Take 2 Flora Infused daily on an empty stomach.
  • Take 1 Algae Infused twice a day with or without food. More may be taken as needed.
  • Take 1 Metabolic Infused twice a day on an empty stomach.

Eat a healthy diet full of natural, nutrient-rich foods and drink plenty of water daily to ensure nutrient absorption to maximize your immune response.

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Beat the Flu Bundle
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