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Frequently Asked Questions

Taking Life Infused Supplements

Veggie capsules guarantee that every product can be taken by anyone. Some individuals may
want to avoid gelatin capsules as part of their vegetarian or vegan dietary choices. Others may
have cultural and religious reasons to avoid gelatin. Veggie capsules enable us to respect all of
these needs and make a product that everyone can enjoy.

Veggie capsules are made from vegetable cellulose. Gelatin capsules are made from boiling
down the connective tissue of animals, most often cattle. Both break down naturally during
digestion, can be stored for years safely, and have no taste or odor.

Yes. Veggie capsules feature vegetable cellulose and meet all health and manufacturing safety

Both digestive and systemic enzymes are essential for exercise and athletic performance.
Digestive enzymes (Digest Infused) ensure the best possible digestion and absorption of
nutrients which the body needs for energy and to fuel muscle growth. Systemic enzymes
(Metabolic Infused) improve the efficiency of blood flow (delivering nutrients), support the
removal of waste and toxins produced during exercise, and speed recovery.

Life Infused features additional products such as Algae Infused, Protein Infused and Flora
Infused which offer additional nutrients combined with enzymes for an enhanced effect. For
example, Algae Infused features blue-green algae, rich in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals
that support energy, muscle, and immune function and detox. Protein Infused supplies clean
vegetable protein and enzymes to support recovery and weight maintenance. Flora Infused
delivers essential probiotic bacteria to support a healthy gut, a key factor in overall health and

Yes, they can. Digestive enzymes ensure food gets properly digested so you don’t have
incompletely metabolized proteins and fats acting as barriers in your blood. Systemic enzymes
like those in Metabolic Infused help to break down proteins that have built-up in the blood
vessels and put strain on the flow of blood through your cardiovascular system.

We recommend following the directions on the label. If you have a specific question, condition
or goal, consult with your physician or search our site for articles that may address ways to
maximize the benefit and results of our products.

For enzymes, your body will simply discard any it does not need. There are limits on how much
protein, probiotics, vitamins, minerals and amino acids the body needs, so it’s best to follow the
usage directions on Algae Infused, Flora Infused, and Protein Infused. Cleanse Infused is a
product specifically for cleansing the bowels of waste build-up and should be used only as
needed. After an initial cleanse, it should be used only when a blockage occurs (such as
constipation) or for an occasional cleanse (every 3-6 months), depending on need.

You can take enzymes on an empty stomach. Ideally, you would take a digestive enzyme right
before eating. Systemic enzymes used for the purposes of cleansing the blood are best taken on
an empty stomach at least an hour before eating or 2 ½ to 3 hours after eating. This way the
proteases and other protein-dissolving enzymes enter the blood rather than stay in the
digestive tract breaking down proteins that remain from the meal.


Enzymes do not produce any undesirable side effects. Your body produces enzymes. Fresh, raw
foods supply enzymes that aid digestion. Your body uses the enzymes it needs; those it doesn’t
are broken down.
Any products that supply more than enzymes, however, should be used as directed. You
wouldn’t want too many probiotics, too much protein or other vitamins and minerals, or too
much of a colon cleanser like oxygenated magnesium – they promote health but just like with
good, nutritious food, getting too much (overeating) isn’t good for you. When used as directed,
you should not experience any undesirable side effects.

It is best to consult with your doctor or healthcare provider with any questions concerning the
enzymes you want to take and how they might interact with any medications you are taking.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should always consult with their healthcare provider
concerning any supplements they do or would like to take.

Life Infused’s supplements are natural and safe, however, as children are in a constant state of
growth and development it is best to coordinate the use of any supplements with your child’s

Always consult with your healthcare provider if you have any questions about the safety of
taking any supplement with a current condition. Life Infused supplements are meant to support
your body with essential nutrients and enzymes, but every individual’s specific healthcare
needs are unique and your trained and licensed healthcare practitioner should be consulted
concerning any current conditions.


Enzymes are molecules (typically protein molecules) that speed up chemical reactions. In the
human body, every metabolic process relies on enzymes. In fact, all life on earth relies on
enzymes to drive chemical reactions.

Enzymes fuel metabolism including energy creation, cell regeneration and renewal, toxin
removal, power immune response and are needed for digestion, to list only a few of their jobs.
More simply, enzymes contribute to and drive every chemical reaction that is needed for us to

Without enzymes – either metabolic or digestive – the human body simply cannot function.

Every aspect of life depends on enzymes. Your cells need them to produce energy, stay healthy,
repair DNA and replicate it correctly. Enzymes are essential for digestion to break down food
and absorb nutrients. The immune system needs them to fight illness and prevent disease. They
also play roles in the body’s natural detox mechanisms, hormone regulation, cleansing of the
blood and healing from illness and injury.

Every single moment of your life, enzymes fuel chemical reactions that take place in your body.
When you stand-up, the energy your muscles use is produced by a process that requires
enzymes. Every breath of your life requires enzymes to move the muscles and make the oxygen
you inhale available to the body. The liver uses enzymes to cleanse your blood, regulate and
balance hormones as you grow and age, and break down toxins from your food, environment
and energy production. Every process of the human body needs enzymes – without enough of
them, the processes will break down leading to illness, disease, and death.

The human body naturally produces enzymes; however, around the age of 30, production
begins to decrease naturally. Realistically, the human produces enzymes every day of one’s life.
Many people have turned to enzymes as a supplement to improve digestion (digestive
enzymes), improve healing or protect against illness (metabolic enzymes), and to offset the
body’s naturally lower production, to note some of the many reasons enzymes are taken as

The body uses the enzymes it needs. Those not needed are broken down. As protein molecules,
the body either makes use of the components or eliminates them as waste.

There is no evidence to suggest supplementing with enzymes prevents the body from
producing its own enzymes. Further, consider that when people ate a more natural diet than
most do today, the fresh, raw foods they ate were loaded with enzymes, meaning it’s likely they
got more enzymes through their diet than a supplement would provide. In a way, enzyme
supplementation (originally through diet) keeps us at our best health.

It’s always important to know the quality of any supplement. At minimum, look for the GMP
(Good Manufacturing Practices) label as well as for products produced in FDA-certified facilities.
They should also come from “clean” sources and ingredients that limit the presence of heavy
metals, pesticides, and other environmental toxins.
Are plant-based enzymes the best source for supplements?
Plant-based enzymes are better able to survive the trip through the stomach’s acids. This makes
them a superior source for supplements. Animal-based enzymes require, at a minimum, enteric
coating and are often only available through a doctor’s prescription.
If I can only afford one supplement, which one is the best to take and why?
Take a digestive enzyme. Health begins in the digestive tract where all nutrients enter (and
leave) the body. Taking a digestive enzyme helps break down food, preventing undigested food
from sitting in the intestines, irritating them and causing gas, bloating and intestinal
inflammation which can become more serious conditions and cause illness throughout the
body. Broken down nutrients are also easier to absorb into the bloodstream, making them
readily available.
Digestive enzymes protect the digestive tract, prevent inflammation and immune response,
support healthy levels of natural probiotic bacteria (essential for good health) and make
nutrients readily available to the body.
What is the best way to store my enzyme supplements (Life Infused products)?
For best results, store your enzymes in the refrigerator. Enzymes are sensitive to heat, so
keeping them in a cool, dry place is essential to prevent them from breaking down.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are those enzymes produced by the body specifically to break down food so
it can be absorbed into the bloodstream and used by the body. There are three basic types of
digestive enzymes: proteases (for protein), lipases (for fats), and amylases (for sugars).
What does a digestive enzyme supplement do? (**link to Digest Infused**)
Digestive enzymes supplements supply the body with proteases, lipases, and amylases to
support digestion, improve break down of food, and increase absorption of nutrients by the body.

Digestive enzymes are key to your overall health and longevity. By breaking down food more
completely, you get more nutrients, needed to keep your cells and organs healthy and working
right. They also keep the digestive tract healthy, meaning less gas, bloating, indigestion and
pain after eating. As a result, you feel better, have more energy, improve your immune
response and enjoy living more.

Immediately. Taking a digestive enzyme supplement prior to eating ensures a ready supply of
enzymes needed to break down and absorb food. Digestive enzymes go to work immediately
when taken as they encounter the specific types of nutrients (proteins, fats, and sugars). Should
one take a digestive enzyme following a meal – to address excess gas or bloating, for example –
results will vary depending on many factors including the health of the individual’s digestive
tract, food that is eaten and other potential personal health factors.

Generally, there are two types of digestive enzyme supplements: animal-based and
plant-based. Animal-based enzyme supplements require special preparation and delivery, such
as with enteric-coated capsules, to survive the stomach’s acids; supplements like these are
often available only with a prescription. Plant-based enzyme supplements may be enzymes
produced in plants or, like bromelain and papain, come from plants themselves (pineapple and
papaya respectively); these enzymes can survive acidic environments better and like Life
Infused supplements can be purchased online or in health food stores.

No, digestive enzymes do not cause any negative side effects.

It would be difficult. You’d have to eat a robust diet of raw food picked (and eaten) same-day
from locally sourced produce. Once removed from a living plant, enzymes in fruits and
vegetables begin to break down. Eating a diet of raw food is an excellent way to ensure you get
essential enzymes and life-giving nutrients, but with the typical delay (of even a day or two)
from farm-to-table, even raw foods lack the full amount of enzymes needed to provide a
person with the amount our ancient ancestors would have consumed. That’s not to say you
shouldn’t eat a raw food diet – simply understand that today’s farm-to-table delays reduce the
overall enzyme value.

A condition like heartburn can occur for a variety of issues and can be very personal in nature.
Life Infused products that would most help address the potential causes of acid in the
esophagus include Digest Infused, Flora Infused (a probiotic), and Metabolic Infused (for
advanced protein digestion, if needed).

For those great feasts, celebrations or even when you overindulge, taking a digestive enzyme
(like Digest Infused) before eating (and after, as appropriate) should be enough. Taking a
systemic enzyme (like Metabolic Infused) 3 hours after eating can also help support any
undigested protein and help cleanse the blood of excess proteins. Before bed, taking 3 Cleanse
Infused tablets can help ensure proper emptying of the bowels.

Digestive enzymes are safe for anybody to use. If the body doesn’t need them, it simply breaks
them down (most are protein molecules) just like any other nutrient in the digestive tract.
Children rarely need digestive enzymes, so it is always best to speak with your child’s
pediatrician if there is a reason to believe they would be beneficial.

Systemic Enzymes

Systemic enzymes specifically refer to those enzymes used by the body to drive metabolic
processes such as producing energy and fueling the brain, neutralizing toxins and removing
waste, and supporting the immune system.

Proteolytic enzymes refer specifically to enzymes that break down proteins in the digestive
tract or throughout the body, especially in the blood.

Metabolic enzymes are another term for systemic enzymes, the enzymes which are responsible
for metabolism, immune function, and toxin-removal, to name a few of their roles.

Systemic enzymes cleanse the blood, improve wound, injury, and exercise healing, help fight
illness and even disease and support energy-production. Effectively, systemic enzymes support
metabolism, immune function, and healing. Systemic enzymes together with digestive enzymes
lay at the foundation of human health.

Benefits from taking systemic enzymes depend on the health status and condition of the
individual taking them. Taken to support energy or healing from injury or exercise-induced
injury, results are easier to see and happen more quickly than say if they are taken to support
immune health or act as a blood cleanser.

Yes, systemic enzymes can help break down and remove proteins like fibrin which can
accumulate in the bloodstream and cause inflammation, swelling, and immune response.
Systemic enzymes also support your immune system’s ability to remove toxins released during
a cleanse. Catalase and other non-protein systemic enzymes are essential to protect against
oxidation of healthy cells during a detox.

Yes, systemic enzymes play a role in immune response, supporting the activity of immune cells
and the neutralization of toxins that are produced during the process. They also help regulate
inflammation, a key part of immune response.

Systemic enzymes are safe and if not needed by the body, broken down like any other nutrient.
If you believe a systemic enzyme may be helpful to support your child’s immune response or
needed healing, it’s always recommended to speak with your child’s pediatrician before
beginning any type of supplement, especially if there is a specific health concern.


Probiotics – a term that means “for life” – are bacteria that live in your digestive tract in a
symbiotic relationship with you. They are an integral part of digestion, nutrient absorption, a
healthy digestive tract, strong immune function and even contribute to clear thinking, a positivemood, and a strong memory.

Research has determined that probiotics play a vital role in every aspect of human health. They
are essential to digestion and your ability to get nutrients from food. They supply vitamin B12,
an important nutrient for a healthy brain. Probiotics support a healthy digestive tract. They also
protect against germs, viruses, and fungi in the digestive tract where 80% of immune response
takes place. Healthy probiotic levels have also been shown to promote brain function, memory
and concentration. In short, the benefits of probiotics include great health, longevity, a sharp
mind, and a great mood.

Absolutely. All the processes of digestion and nutrient absorption, including those that involve
your friendly probiotic bacteria, require enzymes to make them go. Taking digestive enzymes
like Digest Infused or nutrient supplements like Algae Infused are a great way to enhance the
benefits of probiotics.

Quality – Scientists have identified several key or “cornerstone” species of probiotic bacteria
that are integral to many aspects of health and support the myriad of other probiotic species
that live in the gut such as L. acidophilus, L. bulgaricus, B. bifidum, B. lactis, B. longum, and S.
thermophilus. A good quality probiotic should have these and, of course, be produced in an
FDA-certified facility that at a minimum meets GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.
Potency – The potency of a probiotic is measured in CFUs, or colony forming units (probiotics
live in “colonies”). Typically, CFUs are measured in the billions. For most people today living on
a modern diet, a total daily potency of 25-50 billion CFUs for a probiotic supplement is a good
target potency.

Results always vary from one individual to another. For someone experiencing gas, bloating,
and other digestive issues, the positive effects may be enjoyed within the first couple of doses.
For others with more complex digestive issues, or those experiencing regular feelings of
moodiness, “brain fog,” or absentmindedness and forgetfulness, it may take a couple of weeks
or more to see noticeable results.


Blue-green algae – particularly spirulina, chlorella, and AFA – are nutrient-dense superfoods.
They are loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. This makes them an
excellent source of nutrition to fight disease and promote a sharp mind, a strong heart and
overall excellent health. Some algae have specific beneficial compounds like phycocyanin that
improve brain health. Algae also feature molecules that aid your body in cleansing waste,
removing toxins and fighting germs to prevent illness and disease.

Algae Infused contains spirulina, cracked-cell wall chlorella and AFA. For the chlorella, a
cracked-cell wall is vital as this algae’s cell wall is very tough making it nearly impossible for the
human body to get nutrients from it, at least without the cell wall being cracked first. This
tough cell-wall, however, even when cracked makes it a superior toxin remover as it travels
through the digestive tract.
What are the benefits of Algae Infused?
Taking Algae Infused will 1) give you nutrients needed for energy and overall health, 2) support
your immune system and fight illness, 3) detox, 4) improve cellular renewal and protect DNA
replication, a key factor in aging, 5) boost your mood, 6) help limit inflammation, 7) balance
blood sugar and 8) promote longevity.

If you’re in good health, you might notice it doesn’t take long before you’ve got a slight spring
in your step. During “flu season” you might notice you’re the picture of health while those
around you are getting colds and flu.
Results, of course, vary for every individual, especially with algae as it does its work at the
cellular level, adapting to meet your unique and current needs. If the nutrients in algae are
supporting a detox effort (whether you’re doing it intentionally, or whether it’s really what your
body needs!), you might not notice a change immediately, but given several weeks to even a
few months – depending on your own individual health situation – you will begin to notice a
positive change with more energy, a better, more positive mood and less illness.

Standard doses for health maintenance and to support immune function are one capsule 2x
daily. To promote lean muscle mass gain (through its amino acids), start with a standard dose
and increase to 3 or 4 capsules a day, 1 or 2 taken with a post-workout snack.

Yes! Klamath Lake Algae grows in the rugged environment of Klamath Lake, forcing it to survive.
This survival is what makes Klamath Lake algae so nutrient-dense – it needs all those nutrients
and antioxidants to survive! Commercially grown algae don’t face the same challenges, giving it
fewer nutrients, antioxidants and other beneficial compounds.

Cleansing & Detox

Cleanse Infused features a one-two combination for cleansing and emptying the colon:
1. Oxygenated Magnesium softens hardened waste and attracts water into the colon to
further soften the waste and make passing easier.
2. A blend of carefully selected ingredients protects against toxins, heavy metals, and
harmful germs, helping detox the liver and kidneys, soothing the intestines to prevent
discomfort, and making a cleanse less disruptive to daily living.

Cleanse Infused can help provide fast relief from constipation, promoting better digestion,
nutrient absorption as well as improved energy, a more positive mood, and support better
overall health and wellness.
Used as a regular cleanse (every 3-4 months), Cleanse Infused helps the body remove toxins
from the blood, kidneys, and liver, promotes regularity, addresses and may end common
causes of bloating, gas and water retention and weight gain. Cleansing also removes causes of
inflammation from the intestines, helping the body regain balance and strengthening the
immune system to make each and every day happier and more enjoyable.

Results depend on many factors and will vary from one individual to another.
Taken for constipation, the speed of results may depend on how long one has been
constipated, whether it is a chronic or occasional problem as well as a host of other very
personal factors. For most people, results occur very fast.
Taken for cleansing, the results like more energy, clearer thinking, a stronger memory, a more
positive outlook may manifest by the end of the cleanse or you may find several cleanses are
needed (especially if you’ve never done a cleanse) before you feel and see improvements in
your health.

Oxygenated magnesium uses the power of atomic oxygen to soften waste in the colon.
Magnesium attracts water into the colon to further soften waste, making it easier to pass.
Is Cleanse Infused a laxative?
Typically, “laxative” refers to a specific prescription or over-the-counter pharmaceutical
product meant for relieving constipation. Cleanse Infused does provide a laxative-like effect,
relying on oxygenated magnesium which helps break-up waste (oxygen) and attracts water to
the colon (magnesium) to make stool easier to pass.

If you take daily medications or have a chronic health condition, it is always best to consult with
your doctor or healthcare provider before taking any supplement. Parents should always
consult with their child’s pediatrician before providing any medicine or supplement for
conditions like constipation. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should always consult with
their physician before taking any supplements, medicines or herbal products.

Cleanse Infused features oxygenated magnesium and other natural ingredients which are safe
for use, however, you should always consult with your child’s pediatrician before giving your
child any medicines or supplements.

A good detox requires clearing out waste and undigested food from the intestines and
cleansing the blood of waste proteins and toxins. Look for enzymes including proteases (to
break down proteins), cellulase (to break down plant fiber), chitinase (neutralize fungus), and
beta-glucanase (for sugars, fungus, and many germs). For added benefits, standard digestive
enzymes like those in Digest Infused and proteases and catalase in Metabolic Infused provide
help clearing the digestive tract and cleansing the blood.

Keeping the colon free and clear of waste prevents 1) toxins from seeping into the blood, 2)
reduces inflammation caused by waste irritating intestinal tissue that keeps the immune system
in a constant state of activity, 3) improves your body’s water balance, 4) promotes better
digestion and nutrient absorption, 5) supports healthy probiotic levels in the gut, 6) strengthens
immune response to disease, and 7) enables your body to keep blood, tissue and organs clear
of toxins and harmful substances related to disease. People who do colon cleanses report more
energy, a clearer mind, better mood, and enjoy great health and longevity!

After an initial and thorough colon cleanse, cleansing should be done once every 3-4 months at
most or as directed by your healthcare provider.

Customer Service

We make every effort to ship your order as soon as we can. All products ship USPS from our
Arizona warehouse and arrive dependent on many factors including holidays, weekends,
delivery location and USPS delivery schedule. If you have any questions about your order, our
customer service representatives will be glad to speak with you. Please call +1 – (855) 809-3937.

Please call customer service at +1 – (855) 809-3937.

We care about providing the best possible products to every customer. The formulas behind
each of these products have been crafted by expert nutritionists and health professionals to
deliver the best possible results and value for your health investment. They meet the strictest
standards for being “clean” products, or products that minimize the presence of heavy metals
and other potential impurities. We even brought in a renowned pastry chef to help make
Protein Infused not only exceptional in its health and weight loss benefits but tasty too!

Our products are made for everyone and vegan-friendly.

No. While we highly recommend adopting a diet centered on raw, fresh fruits and vegetables,
lean protein and healthy fats to maximize the benefits of our supplements, they can be taken
regardless of your diet and provide many benefits. So, if you want to indulge a little in that
sweet, chocolatey dessert or at the next barbeque, you can.

If you need one to start with, we recommend Digest Infused. As a digestive enzyme
supplement, it helps to improve digestion and nutrient absorption which the body desperately
needs above all else. A digestive enzyme also supports bowel health, which can decrease
intestinal inflammation and reduce immune response and inflammation throughout the body,
improving your immune system’s capacity to fight infection, illness, and disease.
After Digest Infused, we would recommend, in order:
Algae Infused: for nutrition, immune function, and toxin removal
Flora Infused: to restore/maintain healthy probiotic levels
Metabolic Infused: to cleanse the blood of fibrin, reduce inflammation and improve
immune response
Protein Infused: for nutrition, weight loss, athletic performance and ensure adequate
protein levels
Cleanse Infused: as needed to clear constipation and for a quarterly or semi-annual
colon cleanse (every 3-6 months)

Here’s a quick reference you can use to identify which supplements may be best for you,
followed by how you can combine them.
– Digest Infused. A digestive enzyme, this supplement is excellent for anyone over the age
of 30 to take one capsule with every meal. It supports digestion, which is vital to good
– Metabolic Infused. An enzyme featuring protease and other powerful protein enzymes,
catalase and minerals for maximum effect, this supplement acts as a blood cleanser,
supports the immune system and helps reduce inflammation, making it excellent for
recovery and healing from injury and illness.
– Algae Infused. A combination of three well-respected nutrient-dense blue-green algae
(AFA, spirulina, chlorella), Algae Infused supplies vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and
other nutrients, a lot like a multivitamin would. As a source of essential nutrition, it
promotes immune response and healthy living, helps your body detox and supports
– Flora Infused. This probiotic supplement combines the most essential probiotic strains
with enzymes for maximum effect. Probiotics are a vital component to digestion,
digestive, and gut health, and research shows an important part of brain function
including thinking, mood, and memory. Daily probiotic supplementation promotes good
– Cleanse Infused. Featuring oxygenated magnesium, Cleanse Infused can act as a laxative
to help relieve constipation and is a safe and effective way to do a regular colon cleanse
(every 3-6 months) to prevent a build-up of waste in the colon that can lead to
constipation, inflammation and a weakened immune response.
– Protein Infused. This supplement provides lean protein, making it ideal for athletes or
anyone seeking a quality daily dietary protein. It also features two weight management
nutrients – Innoslim® and lipase – which make it ideal for promoting weight loss and
lean muscle mass.

How to combine these supplements:

First, it’s important to understand your goals. Are you an athlete seeking to improve your
performance? Have you struggled with health, or felt as though your health is slipping away?
Do you want to lose weight?
Your answer will determine which products are best. Here are some possible examples to help
You want to improve your performance. Protein Infused with supply the lean protein
your muscles need. Digest Infused will support digestion to improve nutrient absorption
while Algae Infused will provide added nutrition, support detox and improve healing.
Metabolic Infused will promote a faster recovery and healing so you’re ready to get back
out there.

You want to protect or restore your health. Digest Infused supports digestion, improving
the nutrients you get and preventing undigested food from rotting in your gut. Cleanse
Infused will cleanse the colon, removing a source of toxins, inflammation and possible
breeding-ground for germs that are weakening your immune system. Flora Infused will
supply probiotics you need for healthy digestion, body, and mind. Algae Infused will
provide nutrition, support the immune system and help detox. For added benefit,
Metabolic Infused will cleanse the blood of proteins like fibrin which interfere with
nutrient delivery to cells.

You want to lose weight. Protein Infused will help jump-start weight loss with Innoslim®
and lipase which encourage fat burning; its lean protein will help you feel full longer,
fight cravings and provide a quality protein your body can use to build muscle. Cleanse
Infused will help cleanse the colon, restoring digestive balance and removing any
built-up waste that may be affecting how you feel, water retention, and nutrient
absorption. Algae Infused will provide additional nutrition and help protect you against
toxins released as you burn fat. Digest Infused will improve digestion and absorption of

Ultimately, any Life Infused supplement can be taken to advance your health goals. For more
information please visit our blog for articles regarding ways you can use these supplements or
conditions they may be able to help.

You can take all Life Infused supplements as part of your daily health regimen but follow the
instructions for maximum benefit. For example, you would not want to take Metabolic Infused
with meals as its enzymes would act in the intestines instead of making their way into the
bloodstream to do a blood cleanse.

Headaches, skin breakouts, and loose bowels are common detox symptoms. These and other
“flu-like” symptoms often occur during detox as toxins and waste stirred up for removal trigger
an immune response. At Life Infused, we have crafted our supplements to limit the occurrence
of these and potential other detox symptoms. We recommend that when detoxing or cleansing
you should give yourself the maximum protection by combining Cleanse Infused with Algae
Infused, Digest Infused and Metabolic Infused.

Adults can benefit from taking enzyme supplements. Young adults and children should consult
with their doctors or pediatricians before taking any type of supplement.

Use of each product varies. Digest Infused, Flora Infused, Algae Infused, and Protein Infused can
be taken every day to support healthy living. Metabolic Infused can be taken daily to promote
blood cleansing, as needed for healing from injury or illness, or as part of a cleanse. Cleanse
Infused should be taken as needed to address problems with constipation or used on a regular
cleansing schedule, every 3-4 months.
At Life Infused, we’ve made products you can take safely, every day. Ultimately, you need to
determine what works for you to stay in the best health possible. That’s what we really want
for you.

Results vary from one person to another. Some products like Digest Infused may deliver more
immediate results as it immediately supports digestion, relieving issues like gas and bloating.
Cleanse Infused may require a few days for the cleanse and bowel-emptying to take effect, all
depending on your unique situation. Specific results for other products that support nutrition,
weight loss and health like Algae Infused, Flora Infused, Protein Infused and Metabolic Infused
will vary in timing, again depending on your unique situation.

Yes, as Life Infused supplements support digestion, metabolism and aim to enhance overall
nutrition, they can help with weight management and even weight loss. Protein Infused is
specifically formulated to enhance weight loss with the addition of Innoslim® and lipase.

For weight loss, we recommend products as follows (presented in order of importance):
– Protein Infused for its lean protein, nutrition and special fat-busting ingredients
Innoslim® and lipase.
– Cleanse Infused to clear the bowels of excess waste and any build-up that might exist.
– Algae Infused to support detox of the body and supply essential nutrition.
– Digest Infused to improve digestion and maximize nutrient absorption.
– Flora Infused to balance and/or restore gut health with the probiotics you need for a
healthy gut.
– Metabolic Infused to cleanse the blood and remove toxins and waste often stored in
excess body fat.

If you have a condition or take medications daily, you should speak with your doctor and/or
healthcare practitioner with any concerns you might have. All of our products feature natural
and safe ingredients that can be used to promote health; however, if, for example, you have
diarrhea, you should certainly not take Cleanse Infused.

Used correctly, Life Infused supplements do not have side effects. The one exception might be
when doing a cleanse or detox, you might experience “flu-like” symptoms which are caused by
toxins being released from your tissue for removal, especially if it’s your first cleanse. This is not
a side effect of the product as much as a necessary step in the process of clearing harmful
toxins and chemicals from your body.

You can, however, you should always check all ingredients to ensure safety and prevent
over-consumption of the same or like ingredients. Everything in moderation.
Do the probiotics (Flora Infused) need to be refrigerated?
For the best results, we recommend all Life Infused supplements in capsule form be
refrigerated. Yes, we do especially recommend refrigerating Flora Infused, but it is not

Life Infused capsules should be refrigerated for best results, although it is not necessary.
Protein Infused should be kept in a cool, dry environment.

How long enzymes last depends on how they are stored. Kept in a cool, dry location or
refrigerated, the products should retain their quality while you take them. Warm environments
will speed the breakdown of probiotics and enzymes. As a result, we do not assign expiration
dates to our products.

All Life Infused capsules are veggie capsules, made of vegetable cellulose.

Currently, Life Infused does not offer free samples.

If you would like your product shipped internationally, please call customer service at +1 – (855) 809-3937 to discuss availability, shipping, and any possible local restrictions.

Currently, the US shipping fee is $8 for any location in the U.S.

No, Life Infused does not have any physical, brick and mortar locations. All orders can be placed

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