Algae Infused



Organic Greens Blend With Probiotics and Enzymes

  • Rich source of vitamins, minerals, Omega-3 and essential amino acids.
  • Neutralizes oxidative stress
  • Supports immune system
  • Supports healthy digestion and elimination


Algae Infused

Three powerful superfoods combine in a single nutrient dense supplement enhanced by vegan enzymes and probiotics to promote exceptional nutrition and a whole-body detox.


Rich source of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals

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Potent detoxifying properties

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Supports and balances immune response

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Improves digestion and absorption


Renews at the cellular level

Helps improve memory and concentration

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Have More Energy, Stamina and Greater Health with this Superfood “Multi-vitamin”

Green Superfoods are Nature’s Most Potent Source of Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids. With Algae Infused™ Vegan Probiotics, We Made Them Better.

Superfoods are a lot like multivitamins. Only, they’re better.The all-natural nutrition superfoods supply means your body recognizes – and more importantly, immediately uses! – the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants they supply.

And with superfoods, you get more. More vitamins. More minerals. More antioxidants, amino acids and some of the densest, health-promoting plant compounds on the planet… plant compounds known for their amazing mood-lifting, digestion-improving, detoxing and anti-aging effects!

The biggest benefit of superfoods? They provide close 100% absorption of their nutrients, which is exactly why you would take a vitamin in the first place! Superfoods are simply amazing. And that’s why, when we found a way to make them better, we did.

Customer Reviews

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Raul Ozuna
Cliente totalmente satisfecho!

Desde que consumo Algae infused siento muchísima más energía, la mejor fuente de omega, 100% recomendable.:)

Totally satisfied customer!
Since I take Algae Infused I feel a lot more energy, the best omega source, 100% recommend.

edgar morales

este producto me ha ayudado mucho ami salud lo recomiendo al 100% muy buen producto y seguire consumiendo este producto muchas gracias

This product has helped my health, I recommend it 100% really good product and I will continue taking this product, thank you

Karla Guerrero-Vera
Quality products

gentle with my stomach, good quality

Productos de calidad.
Gentiles con mi estomago, buena calidad.

Karen O

Less brain fog and more energy

Mas claridad y energía.

Margarita Demetrio
Algae infused

Los mejores suplementos que dan soporte a mi salud y energía para todos los días ! Los amo

The best supplements, they support my health and energy every day! I love them

Spark a Whole-body Renewal at the Cellular Level

You can’t see them, but your cells determine how much energy you have, how well you resist illness and disease, how you feel – even how you age.

And that’s why so many people turn to blue-green algae.

AFA, for example, are tiny single-celled blue-green algae that provide a complete nutrient profile of vitamins and minerals you need. AFA also supplies amino acids. This makes them an excellent source of protein for every diet!

When you get enough nutrition, your cells have what they need to constantly renew themselves. We call it feeling young.

Even so, the benefits of AFA go far beyond simple nutrition! AFA increases stem cell migration, the way your body uses stem cells for healing and rejuvenation.i This keeps your cells working at a high efficiency.

Now, you won’t ever see your cells working better. You will feel it! You will have more energy. You will have a more positive feeling and mood. You may even find your skin looks better!

And this means when you take a green superfood like Algae Infused™ that contains AFA, you can spark a whole-body renewal where it matters most – at the cellular level.

Algae Infused TM

What we did to improve nature’s Most Potent “Multivitamin”

One factor alone affects the benefits of every food, multivitamin or even superfood that you take. It’s your digestion. More specifically, it’s how well you absorb the nutrients you digest.

And digestion relies on enzymes. In fact, they’re so important it’s amazing how little attention they get. After all, they’re the only molecules that actually do any work!

Vitamins and minerals, and all those other great nutrients, are important, but they don’t spark chemical reactions. Enzymes do. And it’s these chemical reactions that fuel your metabolism. Enzymes do.

Without enzymes and the amazing way they drive chemical reactions, you can’t digest food, or make any use of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you get.

Unfortunately, at the age of 30, you start producing less enzymes, about 10% less every decade. This means you could eat the most nutritious diet possible and NOT get the maximum benefit.

Enzymes probably explain why indigestion, acid reflux, lactose intolerance and other digestive issues develop with age. Incomplete digestion leaves undigested food in the gut. As it rots, inflammation occurs with an immune response which can disrupt your health.

That’s exactly why we added our proprietary enzyme blend called AstraZyme™ to Algae Infused™. It supplies essential enzymes to support digestion and aid nutrient absorption. In fact, clinical studies have shown AstraZyme™ increases absorption of amino acids by 60%!

By adding enzymes, you increase how much of the nutrients you absorb from a blue-green algae like AFA. Enzymes also help offset any deficits caused by age or diet. Improved nutrient absorption improves your chance to enjoy all the potential benefits a green superfood like Algae Infused™ can offer, including…

A Feeling of Peace, Joy and Optimism

AFA contains a natural compound called PEA, or phenylethylamine. Maybe you’ve heard of it by another name. Some call it the “love molecule,” a name earned as it’s the same molecule the human brain produces when one is in love.

It’s ability to lift the mood and promote overall positive feelings has led some researchers to describe it as a “small molecule with a large impact.”(2) In a study performed by researchers at Rush University in Chicago, PEA relieved depression in the majority of patients (85%).

It also proved more effective than standard treatments in some patients. Plus, it had no side effects (3).
Of course, you won’t just feel better.

Experience Better Focus for Clearer Thinking and Memory

PEA isn’t the only incredible compound in blue-green algae. Phycocyanin is another with incredible benefits for thinking, memory and overall nervous system health. Studies show it provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which protect brain cells against injury linked to stroke, dementia and other nervous system disorders (4).

But phycocyanin is unique. It only occurs in the blue-green algae, making it a special brain booster. And with a clear mind and a strong memory, you’ll find you

Have Greater Energy to Live Life to Its Fullest

Energy requires fuel. For you, this fuel are the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients.

Blue-green algae supplies a robust source of essential B vitamins, choline, beta-carotene, and vitamin C. They provide essential and trace minerals like selenium, zinc and iron. It’s also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) which the body converts into DHA, essential for the brain, heart, eyes and hormone balance.

And then there are the antioxidants. Single-celled organisms are robust sources of antioxidants. They need a lot; it’s how they survive. These antioxidants clear away toxins that would interrupt energy production.

Plus, natural foods like blue-green algae burn less energy during digestion. This leaves more for you.

In addition to the energy savings, faster digestion means the nutrients get where they’re needed sooner. Your cells have more fuel to keep you going. Add in the PEA and its mood-boosting effect, and you have more energy – and a desire to use it!

Enjoy Better Health with a Stronger Immune System
Stronger Immune System

People take AFA for a lot of reasons. One is to protect their health and prevent illness. Several studies have shown these blue-green algae protect against infectious germs and stimulate an immune response.

Healthy people get as much benefit as well as those suffering from chronic conditions like obesity, high blood sugar and high cholesterol (5) (6).

Support Your Heart and Liver

Researchers have found blue-green algae protect the liver against free radicals, reduce inflammation and can help lower triglycerides.

A 2013 review of numerous studies noted blue-green algae provided protective effects against heart disease and fatty liver (7).

Get the Ultimate Detox and Protect Against Premature Aging

Premature aging happens when your cells get old. While you might not see your cells slowing down, you do feel fatigue. You might also see it in the mirror. Pale, saggy skin lacking tone and color can be an indication.

Oxidation (the reason we want antioxidants) speeds the premature process. While your body has natural defenses against it, a poor diet, exposure to Candida and other fungi, and environment can quickly overwhelm it. Heavy metals in the environment are one major environmental factor that can lead to overload.

Once inside, heavy metals like mercury, lead and cadmium are hard to remove. Blue-green algae’s antioxidant effect helps prevent the damage caused by these and other toxins.

It also proved more effective than standard treatments in some patients. Plus, it had no side effects.

It’s probably why blue-green algae has been the choice for athletes – including Olympic Gold-medal winners – around the world!

Yet, for all of AFA’s powerful nutrients and brain-boosting compounds, there’s two other types of algae that deliver incredible heavy metal detoxifying effects: chlorella and spirulina.

With such powerful detoxifying effects,
we had to add them to Algae Infused™!

The World’s Only Detoxing

The research shows superfoods like blue-green algae deliver incredible health benefits. But for the maximum effect, you need to maximize absorption of the nutrients they deliver.

Algae Infused™ combines the three most potent blue-green alga – AFA, spirulina and cracked-cell wall chlorella – to deliver the maximum nutrition and detoxifying effects. People who take these superfoods often experience:

But for the maximum effect, you need to maximize absorption of their nutrients.

That’s why Algae Infused™ also contains AstraZyme™, our proprietary blend of essential enzymes. They speed digestion and absorption. They also support the superfood detox effect by supporting the break down and removal of toxins.

It’s also why we added vegan probiotics to Algae Infused ™. Probiotics improve absorption of nutrients into the blood. Algae Infused™ includes B. bifidus and L. acidophilus, two cornerstone probiotic strains that support enzyme function, improve digestion and enhance absorption.

Plus, the algae themselves enhance enzyme activity with a complete matrix of essential and trace minerals. Some refer to minerals as “the vitamins of enzymes” for the way they support enzyme function!

This means Algae Infused™ supplies:

Together, they make Algae Infused™ the most complete – and potent – green superfood “multivitamin” in the world.

You Have Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

All-Natural, Organic and Preservative Free!

With Algae Infused™ you get:

We guarantee you will love Algae Infused™ and the incredible health benefits it delivers. If not, all you need to do is return the bottle with any unused production within 30 days for a full refund.

The combination of AFA, spirulina and cracked-wall chlorella with enzymes and probiotics makes Algae Infused™ more nutrient-rich than a premium multivitamin.

Developed to maximize the effect of the superfood nutrient matrix, it provides support for whole-body health. Plus, it comes in glass bottles with moisture-absorbing, flip top caps to protect product potency and save you time.

Why wait to get the most complete “multivitamin” in the world today? You’ll be surprised how quickly you start feeling energized, a positive mood, and more enjoyment from every day.

An Unparalleled Value!

With Algae Infused™, you get a premium and unparalleled value. In a single supplement, you get:

It’s more than you’ll find in a single multivitamin.

Developed to maximize the effect of the superfood nutrient matrix, Algae Infused™ provides support for whole-body health. Plus, it comes in premium glass bottles to protect product potency and features a flip–top cap to save you time.

Why wait to get the most complete “multivitamin” in the world today? Order now and you’ll be surprised how quickly you start feeling energized with a more positive mood and greater enjoyment from everyday living.

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How To Use

For the best results

For best results and optimum nutrition, take one (1) capsule twice daily with or without meals.

To avoid detox symptoms that can occur as toxins get flushed from the system, start with one (1) capsule for 3-5 days. Then increase to two (2) capsules daily – one (1) capsule taken twice daily with or without meals.

Frequently asked questions

Superfoods get a lot of attention for their nutrient-dense combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and potent antioxidants. Oh, and they detoxify and protect against radiation exposure, like from medical devices like X-rays and CT scans. But are they enough? (Quick answer – NO!)

Here’s more answers to common questions about superfoods, enzymes and Algae Infused™.

Superfoods are nutrient-dense foods that provide full spectrum nutrition to promote health and well-being.

The term “superfoods” refers to a wide range of food. Spinach and pomegranate, for example, have been described as superfoods. While these are nutrient-dense foods that provide immense health benefits, their nutrient density and potential health benefits don’t compare to superfoods like Blue Green Algae, Spirulina and Chlorella.

Blue Green Algae is one of the oldest forms of life on Earth. There are many different species of single-celled Blue Green Algae, however, the one which has become the superfood of choice is commonly known as AFA, short for Afaizomenon-flos-aquae. This specific alga comes from Klamath Lake. Its popularity derives from the fact it contains the greatest concentration of natural amino acids, chlorophyll and offers a full range of essential minerals.

Spirulina is another type of blue green algae that has been consumed for its nutritional qualities going back to the 14th Century Aztec civilization. Unlike AFA, spirulina is a multi-celled plant which offers essential proteins, vitamins and minerals including iron, manganese and chromium. It also offers the benefit of a completely digestible cell wall.

Chlorella is a type of algae with a high concentration of protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Unlike spirulina, chlorella has a hard cell wall. This makes it difficult to digest and get the beneficial nutrients which is why its vital a chlorella supplement feature cracked cell wall chlorella.

Algae like AFA, spirulina and chlorella provide a complete nutrient matrix of essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants, proteins and amino acids. They also provide incredible detoxifying effects for heavy metals and even radiation. Health benefits attributed to these superfoods include:

Superfoods deliver incredible and accessible nutrients, but most superfood supplements have a problem. They rely on the body’s ability to digest and absorb them efficiently to receive the maximum benefit. The processes of digestion and absorption require enzymes which decline by 10% per decade starting at the age of 30 years-old. Many factors impact an individual’s enzyme levels and while the increased nutrient-dose of superfoods provide some benefit, an individual will only receive the benefit equal to the body’s ability to digest and absorb the nutrients. This is why Algae Infused™ features the proprietary enzyme blend Astrazyme™.

An enzyme is a complex protein molecule that speeds-up, or catalyzes, a chemical reaction. The human body relies on enzymes for every biochemical reaction that takes place including digestion, energy production, and toxin removal.

Enzymes improve the digestion and absorption of superfoods making their valuable nutrients more immediately available to the body.

Many nutrients the human body needs like vitamin B12 are produced by probiotic bacteria. Algae Infused™ includes probiotics to ensure your body gets as complete a nutrient profile as possible to provide nutrients to support cellular renewal and the efficient removal of toxins.

Blending superfoods with enzymes and probiotics helps break down nutrients into their most useful components faster, reducing the energy and effort of digestion and absorption. This supplies the body with an immediate dose of nutrients at the most potent dose possible.

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