Flora Infused

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Probiotics with Prebiotics
13 Strains with 60 Billon CFU Per Serving

  • Helps reduce anxiety and improve mood
  • Supports healthier looking and feeling skin
  • Protects from the side effects of antibiotics and contraceptives pills

Flora Infused
$49.98 Original price was: $49.98.$44.98Current price is: $44.98.

Flora InfusedTM

The only complete probiotic system that combines 13 high-potency probiotic strains with essential enzymes to improve digestion and support immune function.

Increase nutrient absorption

Enhance Immune Health

Boost Your Energy Levels

Ease gas, bloating and indigestion

Help Create and unlock Enzymes for a healthy metabolic system

Supports colon health and bowe regularity

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Get Big Results with Real Probiotic Power

Restore Digestive Balance, Ease Gas and Feel Awesome with the Only Probiotic.

It seems everyone today proclaims the benefits of probiotics. Health experts, doctors and researchers recommend them to calm digestion and keep you regular. But new discoveries show they do so much more…

For example, UCLA researchers were surprised to discover taking probiotics improved thinking (1). The probiotics didn’t justgive a boost either. They improved the way the brain worked!

Taking probiotics is also linked to a more positive mood, less anxiety, and better immune response. Some probiotic strains like B. lactis and L. acidophilus offer amazing all-around benefits. Others like B. bifidum support digestion, nutrient absorption and colon health.

The health benefits of probiotics are amazing. It has healthcare professionals recommending probiotic foods and supplements for everyone.

Unfortunately, the digestive issues probiotics can help ease also means there’s a much deeper health issue. It’s a health issue most probiotic supplements alone cannot deal with alone. Fortunately, there is now a solution.

The Real Probiotic Power

That Supports the Brain and Eases Gas, Bloating, Constipation, and More!!

Probiotics have a “secret” power. It’s what makes them an effective relief from gas and bloating. It’s what helps them relieve constipation. It contributes to all their amazing benefits. Probiotics produce and use enzymes to break down fiber and other nutrients they need to thrive. You may have heard of enzymes like amylase, lactase and protease. These breakdown sugar and proteins.

The enzymes probiotics use help eliminate undigested fibers that can cause gassiness and indigestion. This is why taking probiotics soothes gassy irritable bowels.

It’s also why probiotic bacteria help you absorb the nutrients from your food! And keep out the wrong kind of gut bacteria that would make you sick, or cause indigestion.

Probiotics are amazing. But if you know need them to deal with gas and other forms of indigestion, it probably means you’re not producing enough digestive enzymes too.

Customer Reviews

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Patricia Palanca
Amazing and effective

I love it, since I take Flora Infused my gut is healthier! I am really happy!

Asombroso y efectivo
Los amo, desde que tomo Flora infused mi salud intestinal esta mas saludable! Estoy muy feliz!

Mary Binaggia



Maja Plavsic

The product has been cleansing for my body and overall gut health, cannot go without taking in every morning and night!

Thank you, life Infused team!

Este producto me ha limpiado mi cuerpo y salud intestinal, no puedo no tomarlo cada mañana y noche!

Gracias equipo Life Infused!

Leonor Pablos
Los mejores probioticos

Desde que empece a tomarlos me siento mucho mejor, no estoy inflamada y mi digestion es muy buena. Definitivamente los recomiendo

The best probiotics
Since I started taking them I feel so much better, Im not bloated and my digestion is very good. I highly recommend them.

Raul Ozuna
El mejor probiótico.

100% recomiendo éstos probióticos, desde que los tomo mi inflamación se ha ido,han hecho la diferencia en mi vida.

The best probiotic.
I 100% recommend these probiotics, since I take them my bloating has left, and they've made a difference in my life.

Flora InfusedTM

What you Need to Get the Maximum Power from Your Probiotic

Probiotics produce enzymes. They aid digestion. But they don’t replace your own digestive enzymes.

Many doctors recommend probiotics for people who suffer from indigestion. For those who can’t produce enough digestive enzymes, however, doctors don’t recommend probiotics. They recommend digestive enzymes.

Both are needed for the best health. But your digestive enzymes do the majority of the work.

A good example of this is children. Kids don’t usually get bloated or too gassy when they eat. They eat and go play. Their bodies produce abundant enzymes which keeps their probiotic levels healthy and stable.

Age and diet change this. At 30, you start to produce less digestive enzymes every year. By 50 you produce nearly 25% less than you did as a child!

It’s no wonder indigestion plagues us as we get older! Fewer digestive enzymes means greater chances of harmful undi gested food in the gut.

The modern diet with its processed foods also kills off friendly bacteria. High sugar foods promote bad bacteria. They also tax your ability to produce enough digestive enzymes.

The result is fatigue. Your pancreas goes into overdrive to produce more enzymes. This steals energy, making you tired.

For the maximum effect and boundless energy, you need what you had when you were young – plentiful enzymes and an abundance of probiotic bacteria.

When you do, you’ll…

Free Yourself from Indigestion

Probiotics got popular fast when doctors noticed patients who ate them regularly experienced far fewer symptoms like gas, bloating, diarrhea and constipation. Since then, a lot of research has been done that support this (2).

Some strains like B. longum even help ease pain caused by food allergies! (3)

Get Relief from Acid Reflux

Researchers have reported probiotic imbalances in the gut relate to the frequency of painful acid reflux. While many people still turn to common drugs to relieve the pain, recent studies suggest probiotics work too.

One such study published in BMJ Open Gastroenterology reported probiotics proved an effective treatment for relief of acid reflux (4). Plus, it was safe!

Improve Digestion for Better Nutrition

You can eat the healthiest, most nutritious food in the world, but if you don’t digest it completely, you’re not getting all the nutrients!

Probiotic bacteria help breakdown food making the nutrients more available.

They also boost nutrition by

And when you get more nutrients from every mouthful, you…

Have More Energy!

Every cell in your body relies on the natural sugars, amino acids, fatty acids and antioxidants in your food for energy. And when your cells have energy, so do you!

But the energy boost you’ll get will be even bigger. Because it’s not only about all the nutrients you’re getting when you completely digest food and get maximum absorption of nutrients.

It’s also about what you’re not getting. Like increased inflammation and immune response due to undigested food. A pancreas that burns a lot of energy as it struggles to keep up with your enzyme needs. Prematurely aged cells that produce less energy due to lack of nutrients.

Complete digestion and a fresh supply of nutrients eliminate those energy wasters…
Meaning more energy for you!

Lose Weight Naturally

Researchers have found probiotics encourage weight loss!

A study of 137 adults specifically looked at the effect of B. lactis, one of the most powerful probiotic strains, on waistline. They were divided into two groups. One got the probiotic, the other didn’t.

Those who consumed the probiotic lost significant weight.
They also lost visceral fat – the fat that settles around the waist! (5)

Keep Blood Sugar Levels Normal

How well you digest sets the pace for your metabolism.

If you don’t notice digestion, your body’s probably not having a problem with it either. This means you have more energy available to burn fat for weight loss…or better regulate sugar.

Research shows probiotics help keep blood sugar levels stable. They have also noted this corresponds to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels too. (6)

Support Your Immune System - Resist Illness Better and
Enjoy Great Health!

Probiotic bacteria support your immune system in several ways –

Many adults also report fewer colds after taking a probiotic supplement as vitamins for immune system health.

Lift Your Mood, Focus Your Mind and Keep Your Memory

For years people have taken probiotics to lift their mood. In fact, some medical experts started calling them “psychobiotics” for their ability to ease depressed feelings and enhance a more positive mood. (7)

And through MRI scans, the UCLA researchers confirmed increased activity in the area of brain responsible for reason, thought and self-control in people who took probiotics. (8)

Even more recently, it’s been observed that probiotics support memory. A study of 60 elderly men with advanced memory loss found those who took a probiotic showed significant improvement. (9)

Of course, you don’t need to be depressed, have brain fog or suffer from memory loss to enjoy these benefits. But a better mood will certainly boost your confidence, especially as you…

Look Great with Healthier Skin

Many doctors of natural medicine have turned to probiotics as a first step in the treatment of skin conditions. In children, probiotics have proven effective as a therapy for atopic dermatitis. (10)

Probiotics promote the beauty of skin too! An 8-week study involving 60 healthy women found those taking probiotics reported higher satisfaction with the look and feel of their skin during the study. (11)

It’s no wonder so many health experts, doctors and other medical professionals recommend probiotics for their patients…they improve digestion, encourage weight loss, lift the mood and enhance the appearance!

This leaves one question…

Who needs To take Probiotics?

The simple answer is, really everyone.

The modern diet doesn’t support those probiotic bacteria that live in the gut. It’s why indigestion, gas, bloating, diarrhea and constipation afflict so many people.

Anyone over the age of 30 would also benefit as digestion becomes less efficient. Probiotics can help offset the negative effects of this change.

As noted in the research, children have benefited from probiotics too. Before starting a child on a probiotic though, one should always check with the child’s doctor

Despite all the benefits probiotics promise, it’s important to remember a need for them – indigestion, gas and bloating – reflect a larger digestive issue. That’s why…

Probiotics Alone Aren’t Enough

For the maximum effect, probiotics need enzyme support. Added enzymes, especially those that breakdown proteins, help replace enzymes which may be missing due to age. Or needed for diet.

It’s for this exact reason we added enzymes to Flora Infused™. We wanted to make the most complete probiotic in the world!

Flora Infused™ – The Only Complete Probiotic

Flora Infused™ combines:

Each dose delivers 60 Billion CFUs (colony forming units) to ensure maximum effect and the biggest health benefits. Some of the probiotic strains include:

Together with

Flora Infused™ supplies the most essential probiotics for digestive and overall health as determined by researchers and scientists.

We’ve also added Sunfiber®. This special prebiotic ferments slowly to reduce gas and bloating which often occur with other prebiotic fibers like inulin.

Astrazyme™ is a clinically-proven enzyme formula. In trials, it has been shown to support:

Finally, we’ve added MPA, our proprietary mineral blend featuring 72 trace minerals. It has been configured to reflect the exact geometry of enzymatic minerals to enhance the speed and effectiveness of your digestive enzymes.

Restore Digestive Balance, Improve Nutrition and
Get Back to Living on Your Terms

Why wait to experience the renewal of an enzyme-powered probiotic?

You Have Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Featuring Our Proprietary Enzyme Matrix for Maximum Effect

With Flora Infused™, you get:

Plus, it’s completely free of GMOs, fillers, preservatives, wheat, gluten, dairy, soy and artificial ingredients. And all products are produced in a GMP-certified, FDA inspected facility.

We guarantee you will like the results Flora Infused™ delivers. If not, simply return the bottle with any unused product within 45 days for a full refund.

An Incredible Value for the Only Complete Probiotic System

Most probiotic supplements only deliver, well, probiotics. As a result, they never address the real problem of enzyme depletion.

Flora Infused™ combines essential probiotics with enzymes for the only complete probiotic system. To guarantee freshness and potency, Flora Infused™ comes in glass bottles with flip-top caps for easy access.

Why wait to experience the relief only a complete probiotic can provide?

How To Use

For the best results:

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Frequently asked questions

Probiotics are important. Unfortunately, the majority of probiotic supplements lack the nutrients needed to maximize their effect. What are those nutrients? Enzymes.

Here we answer questions about probiotics, prebiotics and the why enzymes improve the effect of probiotics and overall gut health.

Probiotics literally means “for life” and is the term used to describe the beneficial or “friendly” bacteria that live in the human gastrointestinal tract. Probiotic bacteria and their human hosts enjoy a symbiotic relationship, though humans may receive greater benefits. The human gut is a place for probiotic bacteria to live. In return, the probiotic aid digestion, support the immune system and even play a significant role in mood and mental health.

Researchers have found probiotics are an essential part of the digestive “eco-“system. They help digest food and maintain a stable environment in the gut best-suited for the break-down and absorption of food.

There are dozens of species, aka strains, of probiotic bacteria that thrive in the human gut. Some species like B. bifidum, B. longum and L. acidophilus are considered cornerstone species; this means other species thrive and remain strong when they are present and in balance. Every human needs a diverse blend of probiotics for optimum health. Flora Infused™ contains 13 broad spectra, super strain species from six (6) main genuses of probiotics, all recognized for their importance and health benefits.

Prebiotics refers to undigestible fibers that ferment into short chain fatty acids consumed by probiotic bacteria.

As part of a probiotic supplement, prebiotics provide a food source that helps the bacteria establish themselves in the digestive tract.

Sunfiber® is a special proprietary prebiotic fiber which ferments short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) slowly resulting in less bloating and discomfort.

Enzymes are complex proteins that catalyze, or speed-up, chemical reactions. Every chemical reaction in the human body relies on enzymes.

During digestion, enzymes speed the breakdown of food which makes nutrients more readily available to probiotic bacteria. The complete breakdown of food also prevents undigested food from sitting in the gut and rotting or fermenting, which fosters an environment that kills probiotic bacteria.

Probiotics help the body digest food and process and absorb nutrients. Efficient and complete digestion eliminates the gas and constipation that results from undigested food sitting in the gut.

Almost 80% of immune response takes place in the gut. Probiotic bacteria discourage viruses and bacteria from becoming established, making it easier for immune cells to target and stop infection early. In a way, probiotics are almost like a first line of defense against infectious diseases.

In addition to aiding digestion and support for immune health, research has indicated probiotics also play a significant role in:

Astrazyme™ features a proven blend of proteolytic enzymes, trace minerals and extracts of Astragalus and Panax notoginseng to speed the breakdown of food and boost absorption. MPA includes minerals essential to fuel enzymatic reactions. Together, these speed the breakdown of food and unwanted substances in the intestines to promote a more optimum environment for the probiotic bacteria to thrive.

Probiotics and enzymes are essential for life. As we age, our bodies produce fewer and fewer enzymes. One effect of this is inefficient digestion and a less hospitable environment for probiotic bacteria.
Taking a probiotic supplement that includes prebiotics and enzymes offsets these changes. See How to Use for recommended daily dosage.

No, Flora Infused™ can be stored at room temperature in a cool, dry place.

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