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How to Empty Your Bowels Every Morning


Article summary:

  • Discover why it’s good to “go” first thing in the morning.
  • Learn how to schedule your bowel movements.
  • Find out which foods can help.
  • Uncover the secret many people rely on to stay regular.

There’s no doubt that being able to “go” in the morning assures greater comfort, more energy, and higher alertness throughout the day. Not being able to do a number two as you start your day may leave you feeling physically and mentally sluggish. To be blunt, knowing how to poop in the morning can significantly improve the quality of your day – and ensure optimal digestive health.

Is it good to "go" first thing in the morning?

The ideal time to go to the bathroom is first thing in the morning. It’s best within 30-minutes of waking up, according to Dr. Kenneth Koch, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s Gastroenterology Chief.

Going in the early morning makes the most sense for the body’s systems. The small intestine spends the night breaking down food from your last meal. That means digestive waste is ready for elimination by the time you wake up.  

Some bowel movements (BMs) provide a “poo-phoria” experience. “Poo-phoria” Is a term coined by Dr. Anish Sheth and Josh Richman in their book “What’s Your Poo Telling You.” The authors noted that stimulation of the vagus nerve causes the satisfying sensation of a successful defecation. The relaxing “chills” many people sometimes get during a BM is the stimulation of the vagus nerve.  

A positive BM experience is a good way to start the day. Conditioning your body to go every morning is also practical. It allows you to go about your routine with no potty interruptions and without an unexpected or sudden urge to go. Morning BMs are also the most effective way to promote and maintain regularity. 

How do you empty your bowels?

Undigested food passes from the small intestine into the colon, or large intestine. There, leftover nutrients, water, and salt get reabsorbed. The waste that remains moves by peristalsis, or the contractions of the colon muscles, into the rectum. 

Nerves in this area tell you when your bowel needs to empty. Fortunately, you control when to empty or hold back your stool.

Of course, that also means that you can hold it. While this may be good in some cases, ignoring the urge to go can lead to problems like constipation. The stool then gets stuck in the colon so that when you try to go, nothing comes out.

In a way, you choose when to use a toilet. (And yes, we’re ignoring instances of stomach upset and diarrhea, which happen but should be outside our normal everyday bathroom behaviors.)

What foods help bowel movements?

A well-balanced diet, hydration, and regular physical activity help to ensure normal bowel movements. There are also crucial elements that can help you poop right away and keep you healthy:

  • Good (probiotic) bacteria in the gut aid in an efficient breakdown of food, which moves it more easily through your system.
  • Water keeps stool soft for more effortless elimination.
  • Fiber adds weight and size to your stool, giving your colon more to work with during peristaltic movement. 

You can also eat the following foods if you need help getting things moving or want a routine to keep you on a normal schedule.

Lemon Juice

It’s essential to use fresh lemon juice to get the full benefits. Lemons contain citric acid, which is a natural laxative that stimulates the intestinal muscles to contract. You should drink a glass of warm water mixed with fresh juice from half a lemon first thing in the morning. 


Caffeine helps stimulate muscle contractions in the lower digestive tract. But keep in mind that too much coffee can also lead to dehydration, a contributing factor in decreased bowel movements. So, make sure to drink water after your morning coffee.

Fresh Fruit Smoothies

Unlike juices, smoothies use the whole fruit, so you get all of the fiber from the skin or pulp. This adds bulk to your stool; it also feeds those beneficial gut bacteria. The fluids in the smoothie further soften waste for easier movement. 

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Certain fruits and vegetables have nutrients and compounds that boost regularity in addition to their fiber and fluid content.

  • Apples contain the soluble fiber pectin, which has a laxative effect.
  • Pears are rich in sorbitol, a sugar alcohol that draws water into the intestines.
  • Rhubarb contains sennoside A, a laxative compound that helps to regulate water absorption in the intestines.
  • Artichokes provide prebiotics, which feeds the good bacteria in your gut. 
  • Lentils increase the production of butyric acid in the colon. Butyric acid provides 70% of the total energy needs of colon cells. And it stimulates salt and water absorption. 


Loaded with soluble fiber, oats help increase water absorption and add bulk to stool so that it’s easier to pass. 

Other High-Fiber Foods

Incorporating the following foods into your diet, especially at breakfast, promotes and maintains regular morning bowel movements. 

  • Fruits, such as strawberries, raspberries, kiwi fruit, and figs. 
  • Vegetables, especially greens such as spinach, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli.
  • Whole grains, such as wheat, rye, and quinoa. 
  • Nuts and seeds, such as almonds, pistachios, and sunflower seeds. 

How can I train myself to go in the morning?

In addition to fluids and certain foods, being calm and relaxed may also make it easier and more comfortable to have a bowel movement in the morning. You also need to try and condition your body to go at a particular time in the morning. The more fixed your morning routine, the more likely you will find pooping easier and constipation rare. 

This means that as you make time for your coffee, juice, or smoothie, along with a breakfast that includes any of the foods mentioned above, you also need to allow time for your bowel movement. Your morning should be relaxed and not rushed. This could mean waking up an hour or so early before leaving for work or whatever tasks you have on your calendar.

This might sound hard, but kicking off your day like this promises higher productivity, not to mention feeling great. 

Once you find a breakfast formula that works for you, stick to it. Conditioning your body to poop at a specific time each day offers the added benefit of a more relaxed and satisfying BM. 

Doing this every day, on weekdays and even on weekends, is essential. If you skip one day, you’ll throw off your body’s internal clock and bowel movement schedule. This can lead to irregularity during the next few days. Then, you have to recondition yourself to return it to your regular programming. 

"Go" daily to enjoy healthy living

Going in the morning may be best for your health. If nothing else, taking care of your business at home will make your day a little easier, as you won’t have an urgent search for a toilet or public bathroom. Ultimately, however, you want to go daily.

Regular bowel movements can mean going to the bathroom one to three times a day. You need to find what is right for you.

The key takeaway is that you can train yourself to go in the morning. If you give it a try, you may find that you make your days a little easier, your stomach more settled, and that the practice reduces issues like constipation and diarrhea.

Many people like to include a colon cleanse supplement as part of their routine to help with the effort. For daily use, you should take one that is both gentle and natural. The advantage of a supplement like Cleanse Infused Plus is that it is simple to take. You only have to take a few capsules every day, making it ideal for modern living.

Now, if you really struggle to go and have tried supplements or other cleanses, you should see a doctor.

Regardless of how you get there, it’s worth the commitment and effort to condition your body to visit a toilet at a specific time in the morning. Your digestive system – and your body – will thank you for it by giving you more energy, a better mood, and great, healthy living.

A gentle, yet powerful colon cleanse supplement powered by oxygenated magnesium, premium herbs and enzymes.

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