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3 Things You Need To Know About The Difference Between A Colon Cleanse And A Laxative


Article summary:

  • Discover the three main differences between laxatives and colon cleanse products
  • Identify the best one for you
  • Learn the potential dangers of laxative use

Constipation and lifestyle diseases are on the rise. Today’s busy lifestyle, modern diet, and stressful work life makes it hard to keep everything balanced. Your body is made to remove toxins and waste efficiently, but it can be hard to keep up with our lives today. As a result, our health suffers.

Staying regular is a simple way to protect your health. But it’s easier said than done. Increased use of laxatives and colon cleansing products only reminds us of this challenge.

When constipation strikes, you may wonder about the best, most natural way to get regular again.  

  • Should you take a laxative to cleanse your colon?
  • Or would a natural colon cleanse product be better?

We recommend natural colon cleansers. Let’s take a look at why as we share what you need to know about colon cleansing.

1. Laxatives work faster than colon cleanses

When constipated, you may think that a fast-acting laxative is the best thing for you. But do you know which type to use? There are three main types of laxative:

  • Bulk-forming laxatives help create a bulky stool, which in turn stimulates your digestive tract to produce a bowel movement.
  • Osmotic laxatives draw water into your bowel from the surrounding tissues, softening your stool and making it easier to pass.
  • Stimulants encourage your digestive muscles to move a stool along your bowel.

Whichever type of laxative you choose, most can work relatively quickly. If the situation is serious, this could be a good thing. But it can become a real disruption to your day. Plus, laxative use comes with plenty of downsides.

The problem with laxatives

Laxative overuse can cause diarrhea, gas, bloating, and other digestive issues. And you may not be able to completely control your bowel movements when taking them. These side effects happen with both chemical and herbal laxatives.

If you use them enough, your bowels can also become dependent on them. Instead of helping relieve constipation, they become a cause for it. And long-term use can lead to kidney and liver damage and other serious health problems.

You may have also heard that a laxative can aid in weight loss or help maintain your weight. This can be a dangerous strategy. Yes, you can start a weight loss effort by colon cleansing, but laxatives pose more risk than benefit.

For a more holistic approach to your bowel health, consider a gentler, natural colon cleanse that features oxygenated magnesium and enzymes.

Colon cleanse products like these are designed to keep your bowels moving without the added stress of loose movements and bloating. And they help break down food molecules too. A good quality colon cleanse product will help digest and absorb high levels of nutrients from the food you eat while eliminating harmful bacteria in your gut. This helps keep you strong and healthy.

And you aren’t going to develop a dependence on them.

2. Laxatives work only on the colon

Laxatives treat constipation by cleaning out waste from your colon. Colon cleanse products flush out the built-up toxins from your entire digestive system. This is an important difference because waste products can build up in your whole digestive tract, not only in your colon. And when this happens, you may find yourself fatigued or with digestive problems.

To improve your health overall, consider colon cleansing regularly. This limits the buildup of waste in your body, helping to keep it in the best possible condition. Of course, you should always seek medical advice before starting a new regime.

3. Laxatives can damage your bowel function

One of the main problems with laxatives is that your body can get used to them. Don’t use them for long periods of time. And never take higher doses than those suggested on the label. Long-term laxative use can cause electrolyte imbalances, mineral deficiencies, and chronic dehydration. They can damage your colon’s nerves and muscles. This is what causes you to develop laxative dependence.

A good quality colon cleanse product, however, is gentle enough for daily use. And good ones are non-habit forming, meaning you can take them for extended periods without worrying about dependence or adverse side effects. Again, as with all new medical and natural regimes, you should seek medical advice before starting.

Your colon cleanse options

If you generally feel healthy and suffer occasional bouts of constipation, laxatives can keep you feeling well and healthy. But if you frequently suffer from constipation, colon cleansing could be just what you need.

Even without laxatives, you have plenty of options.

  • Juice cleanses. These popular cleanses supply the body with fiber, water, and nutrients. The only drawback can be the fiber for anyone with sensitive bowels.
  • Prunes. Never overlook this old standby. Prunes contain sorbitol, a fiber that makes them very effective. Although you’re not likely to become dependent on them, you may find the urge hard to control once they go to work.
  • Oxygenated magnesium supplements. These supplements feature a unique combination of oxygen and magnesium. The oxygen breaks up the waste and supplies oxygen to the body. Magnesium helps restore the proper water balance to the colon and provides an essential mineral often lacking from the modern diet. It is powerful, effective, and gentle. Cleanse Infused Plus features oxygenated magnesium.

Cleanse Infused Plus

Cleanse Infused Plus keeps you regular without disruption. Its oxygenated magnesium-rich combination delivers high levels of oxygen to your bowels, which stimulates your colon to move. Cleanse Infuse Plus also positively impacts your gut’s good bacteria, cleansing your system of the bad bacteria in a completely natural way. And if that weren’t enough, it contains enzymes that help break down the food molecules you consume into digestible nutrients and waste products, making it a safe alternative to keep you regular.

A gentle, yet powerful colon cleanse supplement powered by oxygenated magnesium, premium herbs and enzymes.

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