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The 6 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Detox Water


Article Summary

  1. Proper hydration does have many essential functions like helping your kidneys, and other organs rid the body of waste and toxins.
  2. Detox waters are versatile and adaptable and can help you stay hydrated due to its fresh taste and low caloric load, unlike other beverages.
  3. Detox water does not rid you of toxins, nor does it live up to the other claims past that of regular water.
  4. There are some side-effects that you may want to be aware of.

Diet culture is a pervasive phenomenon in our society, and detox diets and beverages are no exceptions. People are continually seeking the fountain of youth, something new that promises weight loss, health, happiness, and to attain the optimal esthetic: to be thin and attractive. However, do they really work? We will be analyzing fact from fiction as it pertains to detox water, touching upon why water is important for the body, detox water benefits, potential side-effects, encouraging fruit and vegetable consumption, and also ways that you can incorporate detox drinks into your diet if unflavored water is a bit too plain for your taste buds.

Detox water: “fact vs. fiction”

The claims:

  • Weight loss.
  • Toxin removal.
  • PH balance.
  • Enhanced digestion.
  • Improving immune function.
  • Mood elevation.
  • Increasing energy levels.
  • Boost to skin complexion.

The truth:

The benefits of drinking detox water and hydration in general

When reading the above claims for detox water, you might think sounds great, but is it true? The short answer is no. There is no instant way to remove toxins automatically by throwing some fruits and herbs in our drinking water.

There are anecdotal reports of people losing weight, but this is generally short-term and because detox water consumption is often accompanied by restrictive eating and a temporary low-calorie diet. If done carelessly, this restrictive eating might cause diarrhea, weakness, and electrolyte imbalance, so care and caution must be practiced.

That is not to say that all detox waters are terrible for your health and should be avoided. They can be a healthy, tasty alternative to plain water on a hot day, for instance, or if you are intermittently fasting.

Benefits of drinking detox drinks:

1.     They can be a tasty alternative to plain water.

2.     They can help encourage proper hydration and drinking the appropriate amount of water for kids and adults a like.

3.     Helps to provide satiety so that less is eaten, in fact, drinking a glass of water (if you are trying to lose weight) before eating a meal, will fill your stomach and cause you to eat less food.

4.     Drinking water, in general, revs your metabolism as well

5.     It displaces higher caloric beverages such as sodas and juices. Liquid calories add up quickly and are not as filling as food.

The following points are biological functions and health benefits of drinking water:

  • Approximately 60% of our body consists of water.
  • It helps maintains body water and blood volume.
  • It helps to lubricate our joints and cushion the internal organs.
  • It is the liquid that all nutrients, gases, enzymes, and wastes are suspended and dissolved in.
  • It regulates body temperature.
  • Keeps your skin looking young and fresh.

How to tell if you are dehydrated

  • Dehydration causes infrequent urination, and the urine is dark in color; when you are well hydrated, your urine should be a pale color.
  • Headaches
  • Dry mouth
  • Faster heart rate
  • If you are exercising, you could stop sweating.

Concentrate on healthy eating: Whole fruits and vegetables

One of the main problems in our society is that people over-consume unhealthy, over-processed foods and not enough fruits and vegetables. Some of the beautiful things about eating whole, natural foods are as follows:

  • Nutrient packed for health and immunity.
  • Generally lower in calories in proportion to a given volume of food.
  • Have more satiety value.

It is best to opt for whole fruit or vegetable more often than for a juice or a detox drink. When drinking the juice, it may contain the same amount of sugar, but the fruit will have fiber that the juice is lacking. The fiber helps to slow sugar digestion and has more satiety value. Foods rich in fiber have a lower glycemic index, meaning that the glucose or sugar absorption is slowed, which in turn regulates the release of insulin so that it does not spike. Fruit and vegetable consumption are preferable to detox drinks as well because the amount of nutrient value and fiber the latter ones contain are likely to be low.

Two 5-minute detox water recipes:


  • 10 fresh, whole strawberries
  • 2 lemon wedges
  • Freshly squeezed juice from 1/2 lemon
  • A handful of fresh basil leaves


  • 1 cucumber, thinly sliced
  • 2 inches fresh, peeled ginger root
  • 2 lemon/lime wedges
  • 10 to 12 fresh mint leaves
  • Pinch of Himalayan salt

How to make the most out of your detox water

So, we have learned that the concept and claims regarding a quick fix, detox drink does not actually hold up to the rigors of science. However, that does not mean that drinking these fruit-infused brews cannot be a tasty and healthy addition to our diets, especially on a hot day when plain water is just not satisfying enough. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your beverage:

  • Less is more. Lemons and limes are very tart (sour), acidic, and overpowering, so using less of it is better, and adding to taste is encouraged.
  • Combine flavors. If a beverage is overwhelming, you are unlikely to enjoy it and hence, drink it. Therefore, there must be a balance in flavor profiles: salty, sweet and tart, and then some additional flavors to enhance those basic tastes.
  • Crush the ingredients! Combat the blandness by crushing the fruit/berries or slice the turmeric or ginger root to infuse the drink with more concentrated flavors, and filters some more nutrients into the water as well.
  • Ice, ice, and more ice! It is a rather unpalatable beverage to imagine that is room temperature with sad, limp mint leaves floating around in your glass. Please do not skimp on the ice!
  • Use a straw. The acid content of the citrus can soften the minerals on the tooth enamel, which can contribute to tooth demineralization, can cause or trigger tooth sensitivity, and can increase the chance of cavity formation. Also, the sugar content from the fruit causes the bacteria to produce acid, which can cause plaque development. A re-usable eco-straw is preferable to single-use alternatives.
  • Make enough for a day. You do not want to make an excess that will carry into the following day, as the fruit can become soggy and undesirable.

Nutrient Support

Are you feeling like you need a nutritional boost, are experiencing digestive issues, or will like to support your body in its detox process? We advise you to check out some of the supplements that we offer, like:

Cleanse Infused  contains magnesium oxide that helps with indigestion and constipation,  soothing and cleansing herbs, like fennel, to aid in digestion and prevent bloating, bentonite clay which binds to heavy metals and aids in their removal.  It also includes a proprietary enzymes blend to help with the removal of old fecal matter.

Algae Infused  Three powerful superfoods combine in a single nutrient-dense supplement enhanced by vegan enzymes and probiotics to promote exceptional nutrition and whole-body detox.

We hope this article clears some of the misconceptions regarding detox water. The bottom line is to eat whole foods and keep healthy and hydrated!

Three powerful superfoods combine in a single nutrient dense supplement enhanced by vegan enzymes and probiotics to promote exceptional nutrition and a whole-body detox.


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